Ed-vise Episode 3

A finally got to Forward Ambulate GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, weather let up enough for me to do a little forward ambulation. It was very welcome as I am pretty sore from some jitsu!

What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s WEDNESDAY! And I do love WEDNESDAY!

I’m actually working on some content for an upcoming Workplace Violence presentation. Which gives me more fuel to consider and to put into this here little parchment of wisdom. “Blog” to the lay person.

Everyone has a friend or family member that has a “No Shoes” policy for being in the house. You go to these people’s homes, and, if you go in, you simply take off your shoes. No big deal, you just do it. Why? Because it’s rude. Further, if you don’t, you will not be invited in or invited back. But, because you want to see your friend or family member, you take off your shoes and hopefully, you had a good Christmas and Santa brought you some new socks without holes!

Now, understand something. A small business is someone’s home.

Too often I see video footage of a person wanting to make a point about wearing/ not wearing a mask. Which is today’s scenario: Would you intervene in a scenario where a patron is venting on a server because the server asked them to put on a mask to enter?

Sign out front said to put one on. You put one on.

You see, many states have mandated masks and such. The states lack the manpower to enforce the mandates on every single citizen so they penalize the business owners for the patrons not doing the mandate. I don’t believe in this but, it is what it is. People expressing their protest of mandates to this small business are EXACTLY the same as people who would not remove their shoes in another person’s home.

So, how can we, as bystanders, help keep civilized society…civil?

First, realize that this small business IS in fact, someone’s home. It is their livelihood; their “child” in a manner of speaking. It is who they are. RESPECT THAT FACT! This small business can receive a penalty for your little tantrum. Side note: the small business CAN and SHOULD file suit against any person that gets the business fined for such violations.

Second, if there is a meltdown, offer to help. If it’s your friend, offer to help. Offer to help the server. Offer to help the stranger. Offer to help.

Last, and this is for the managers, no server should have to endure the abuse of a customer. The customer is NOT always right! You, as the manager, MUST step in and deal with the situation of a melting down patron. There should NEVER be a video of a server being berated by a customer WITHOUT the manager being present.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember holy cows are known for their…SAINT PATTIES!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA


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