Ed-vise Episode 8

A tough workout GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, jits last night was tough and tiring last night as I get ready for, hopefully, another tournament! I hate conditioning.

What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s WEDNESDAY! And I do love WEDNESDAY!

We can learn TONS from watching the incidents that get filmed by the masses involving violent acts. With that information, we can have an idea of what we will do in a similar situation.

Recently, on Tik Tok, I found what looks like an airline training video. And it was GOOD! I say it looked like a training video because of the film quality. It involved a run in that a flight attendant had with a person not wanting to comply with flight regulations. Can you guess which regulation? (Insert Jeopardy music). Mask mandates! Passenger did not want to comply.

Before diving into the What Would You Do, part, I think the airlines need to install security cameras that record the passengers for the entire flight. No apologies if it’s embarrassing to watch you sleep but it will ensure liability coverage. In addition, this negotiating thing with non-compliant passengers…too much. Three strikes and that’s it. “Put your mask on please.” “Put your mask on.” “Captain please call the air marshal to have this passenger removed and banned from all future flights.”

Absent that happening, let’s dive into the video parts.

First, the attendant in confrontation had placed both his arms on two different seats. He had his left arm on the Non-Compliant Passenger (NCP) seat and one on the seat in front of the NCP. Then, he would lean down to confront the passenger in an effort to gain compliance.

Bad body position. First, he has NCP “cornered” so to speak. Meaning the NCP has no place to go to get away from the situation. This immediately escalates the situation. Just like a cornered animal, the NCP has few options and one is to fight. Second, if the NCP chooses to fight, that flight attendant will take a HUGE strike with his arms open like that! Better option would be to stand to the front of the NCP with a second flight attendant behind.

Second issue was the other passengers. They were NOT helping! Berating the NCP, threatening the NCP, putting their smart phones in the NCP’s face. All actions that further escalate the situation!

Understand that if the person chooses NOT to comply with FAA regulations, that flight is NOT leaving that gate! And your yelling and carrying on ONLY makes life worse! Just accept it. But stay out of the flight attendant’s business unless they ask for your assistance or you recognize the attendant needs physical help. Calling NCP a “jackass” (which they are) does not help.

Here’s the last part for the airlines. Understand that your flight attendant is now in a completely different mindset! They are dealing with that NCP “fight” for the rest of the day if not the rest of the week. They are on a heightened level of alert and the adrenaline is still ready to go. “Fight or Flight” remains active! Give your attendant the paid time off to recover from the incident. Give them the mental health support they need for such an incident. They deserve it. After all, THEY are the ones making your airline great while you (CEO and board of directors) enjoy the rewards of their efforts.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you get locked out, gently talk to the lock. After all, COMMUNICATION IS KEY! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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