Ed-vise Episode 17

A Newbie up too early GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, she got up when I got up but she was being sneaky about it. Trying to play with her i-Pad. Back to bed kiddo!

What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s WEDNESDAY! And I do love WEDNESDAYS!

OK. By now, you have probably seen the video of the Merrill Lynch employee that tees off on the juice bar employees. Video shows him going on a tirade about whoever made the drink. The employees fire back at him. Things escalate and he throws the drink at an employee hitting her on the shoulder. He then rants about their immigration status and tries to get into the back area before finally leaving.

This individual was fired by Merrill Lynch and is facing criminal charges. He lost his six figure job as a wealth manager. Will probably lose whatever investment license he had or at least have it suspended, due to the criminal charge.

What Would You Do?

Apparently, peanut butter was the issue. This person ordered a drink with specific instructions about “No Peanut Butter.” Seems odd right? Totally agree. Why would you order a drink and say “No Peanut Butter?”

I’ll tell you why: Food Allergies!

See, back before my Spousal Support Unit became an international super model, she was a nanny. One of her Cherubs had a serious allergy to dairy. Like a life threatening type thing. One day she and the Cherub went to McDonalds. They ordered a hamburger and my Spousal Support Unit stated “No Cheese.” The order went “one hamburger; NO CHEESE.”

McDonald’s, sometimes, will take an already made cheeseburger, and remove the cheese. Then hand it over to the customer.

Well, Spousal Support Unit spotted this action and was quick to halt the action. She kindly told the counter person the situation with the food allergy and that cheese could not touch the burger. Once clarity was reached, a new burger was made from the start…NO CHEESE.

Back to the banker.

His son had a peanut allergy. Apparently, the kid took a drink and POW! Shit starts swelling and a medical emergency created. I think. But, for purposes of our little discussion…

Do your emotions change? If you toss this over, What Would You Do if your loved one dropped into a medical emergency because someone failed to follow your instructions?

The situation in the store escalated because the banker was not being heard. Most likely because the employees were not trained in how to deal with this type situation. How to deal with an EXTREMELY pissed off customer. It was never “table topped” or even discussed. The employees had not helpline to call. Instead, they escalated off the anger of the banker who escalated off their emotions and up and up it went. All the way until he popped!

I will bet you dollars to donuts that the juice store owner has NO training or policy on how to deal with a customer that comes in and claims a food allergy reaction has sent their loved one to the hospital.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a broken pencil is POINTLESS! Hmmmmm…that’s deep


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