Ed-vise Episode 18

A Back on the Mat GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, was finally able to get back on the mat with my mistress Juji Tsu! Tough workout and feeling sore but the endorphin rush feels AWESOME!

Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s THURSDAY! Time to think!

Yellowstone or Russia…Russia or Yellowstone…which to ponder today…hmmmm.

Yellowstone wins.

But first, real quick, with Russia/ Ukraine thing…we are not going to go to war with Russia over that…trust me.

OK, Yellowstone.

Spousal Support Unit and I are in the last parts of season 4 and I am about done…literally…with it. Meaning I am about ready to pull the plug on it.

Jimmy is leaving the 6666 (pronounced 4 – 6) Ranch. If you noticed, 4 – 6 is probably two to three times the size of the Dutton place and they have NONE of the problems the Duttons do! No fights, no killing, no personal branding, none of it. It’s a peaceful cowboy type heaven. Best thing for Jimmy and now he has to go back to the shit show of the Duttons?!? Whatever

Then there is John Dutton (Costner). I think he has threatened damn near everyone in the town! The dude makes enemies out of everyone he comes in contact with. Here’s a bit of Ed-vise for ya: if ALL your relationships are bad, maybe the constant is YOU! The only consistent relationship he has is with his pitbull Rip. And that’s because Rip hates everyone too!

If you have watched the show, John has two sons and a daughter. Between those three, he has asked each of them to either stay living at the “Lodge of Hell” (my name for the main house) or come to the Hell Hole. Then, after they get settled in…HE THROWS THEM OUT!

In the recent episode he told his daughter (I’ll get to her shortly) to leave! That is AFTER he had her and Rip (whom he asked) to come and live at the house. This will be the SECOND TIME he threw Rip out! TWO TIMES! Another Ed-vise: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. WAKE UP RIP!

And now for Beth Dutton (the daughter). OH COME ON MAN! How can you be that miserable with your life? And, how can a company as big as the one she is currently VP of NOT see how miserable and toxic she is? AND not think that she would subvert their efforts to put in an airport on her father’s ranch?!?!?!

Look, I get toxic relationships. I get co-dependency. I get loyalty and being a person of your word. I completely believe the problems that exist with development and traditional farming and ranching. I know what has happened with Eminent Domain condemnation and the blatant purchase of judges to uphold the transaction to benefit “For Profit” businesses. I understand the fight between Progress and Tradition; the War of Change. All of which make for great stories.

But the writing on this show and the weaving is just getting too unbelievable. In fact, I was about to turn it off last night if Beth would have had sex with that drifter singer cowboy that Jamie was supposed to have killed in season 2. If she does…that’s the end for me.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember it’s always fun to put on warm underwear right out of the dryer…then look around the laundromat to see whose underwear it is! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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