Ed-vise Episode 21

A morning cuddle GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, got to have the first cuddle of the day from my newbie before she becomes a HOLY TERROR! Still, best time of the day is when I get to enjoy that cuddle.

Technically Talkin Tuesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s TUESDAY…technically speaking.

As a lawyer type person, I have to weigh in on the President’s statement about nominating a black woman to the SU-PREME Court of these here U-NITED STATES of ‘MURICA!

That statement has “Cancun Cruz” losing his ever loving mind! Along with several other Trumplican kool-aid drinkers.

Cruz, from Texas (God bless Texas) claims it an insult to black women and a statement to the other “94% of ‘Muricans that ‘I don’t give a damn about you, you are ineligible.’ The “Bitch” McConnell is already threatening to block Biden’s pick the same way he did for Obama (Thanks Obama. I just like saying that). All because Biden made the mistake of saying he would nominate a black woman to the court.

Sometimes, people just need to keep their mouth SHUT and do what politicians do: NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION!

But, I digress

OK, so, say Biden does nominate a person based on race. Fine. The President can nominate ANYONE they choose based on ANY criteria they want. It is within their prerogative. They can appoint based on criminal record; based on ADA criteria; based on scent or lack of hair (THAT’S ME!). They can put forward whomever they want. TECHNICALLY SPEAKING…THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE TO BE A LAWYER OR A JUDGE! How about that?!?! You don’t even need to be qualified to be appointed as a SU-PREME COURT Judge!

So, Biden can nominate whomever he wants.

It will be up to the “Advise and Consent” of the Senate to advance the nominee to the seat. And THAT is where the “Shit Show” starts. That is where we see a bunch of people with absolutely ZERO qualification to decide what a good judge is…deciding on a judge. Not one of the members of the Senate Judiciary will ask a question of importance or related to being a good judge. If you recall Cancun Cruz asked Justice Barrett “How long have you played piano?”

Nominate who you want, Joe! Let the Trumptards in the Senate reveal the truth that they don’t give a DAMN about the Constitution or the Rule of Law!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember it takes GUTS to be an ORGAN DONOR! HAHAHAHAHA…hmmmm


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