Ed-vise: Kindergarten

A foggy Friday GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, fog this morning on the drive in. Doors iced; windshield iced. Winter is NEVER leaving us!

Free For All Friday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s FRIDAY! Open Mat! Pizza Night!

Registered Newbie for Kindergarten yesterday.

Talk about an excited kid. She was even telling the dogs about how she was going to sign up for Kindergarten! Not that they listened but I think they will be just as excited for her to attend all day school.

Met the teachers, went to the classrooms, saw all the little learning toys and tools. Watched Newbie put together something of a freeform puzzle thing. She took to that like a fish to water! Amazing watching her little brain put the pieces together.

What also amazed me is how confident she was in introducing herself to adults. Often times you will see kids that age try to hide behind their parent’s legs or act shy or whatever. Not Newbie. The teachers asked her name and she was eager to say it: “I’m Abby!” Very cool to see. I suppose when you spend your whole life around adult aged people, that is what you end up doing. The benefits of a HUGE age difference in kids.

Now, out here in my area, our school board has it a little backwards toward supporting kids who are not “mainstream.” Who might have questions about who or what they are. I am waiting for the stupid “No Divisive History” being taught vote to surface. But I digress…

This school board voted to ban the LGBTQ flags and other such symbols. Saying they were distracting or whatever other stupid Q-ANON supported BS they could come up with. Well, being who I am (curious) I looked around to get a feel for what the school or teachers might have going on.

And I found what I was hoping to find: symbols of support for people.

Tons of books with characters from what seemed all walks of life displayed openly on the shelves. A couple of small symbols of support for the “controversial” causes. Small; not in an offensive way; subtle; but enough to know. I loved it!

But, here’s the thing though. I do NOT rely on the school district or curriculum to teach my kid how to be human. I rely on the school to teach my kid what I might not have the time or ability to teach. If I turn my kid over to the school, then I expect the results I get. Teaching kids to be human, especially MY KIDS, that’s on me. Wish me luck!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember math textbooks go to counseling to…FIGURE OUT THEIR PROBLEMS!!! AHAHAHAHAHHAA


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