Ed-vise: Breastfeeding

An it’s getting warmer GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, starting to warm up lately. How do I know? My coconut oil is getting softer! Look at me! Winning already!

Monday Musings Ed-vise today. Cause it’s MONDAY! So GET AFTER IT!

Lots of musings going on this weekend. Primarily around the shootings and the baby formula shortage. Then there is the other heated topics of the day that I also think about. Yes, my mind is like a monkey with a flash light running. It runs around and shines a light on topic after topic after topic. I try to catch it. But, it don’t happen often.

So, last week I closed out with a bit of conspiracy on the formula thing. I wondered how we managed, as humans, to make it this far in history WITHOUT baby formula. After all, us human types have been around for a LONG time BEFORE the invention of formula.

Twitter has posts from people asking, literally begging for recipes of homemade formula. The saddest part is you have people with alleged medical credentials that say “DON’T FEED YOUR BABY THIS” yet provide NOTHING as far as a solution.

We want to get to Mars and all these other things and we can’t even figure out a detour for a baby formula shortage?!?! But I digress.

The way we humans made it so long is by breastfeeding until the little Cherub is able to sustain animal milks and other soft foods. Apparently, this is a gut biome thing for the Newbie. Early on, the kids gut bacteria isn’t set up yet to deal with the bacteria of cow’s milk or goat milk. Gives the little things diarrhea and a greater potential of death than with tradition nursing.

So, apparently, humans have been looking for a substitute for colostrum (breast milk) for CENTURIES! As far back as ancient Egypt, archaeology has found devices for substituting for nursing with the mom. This also included using a “wet nurse.” Back then, and for centuries later, it was a big deal to be a wet nurse. So much so that it was a business in 16th century England where the service was actually advertised to the public.

Musing these last couple days was along why it is so hard to make something that seems as simple as formula? And, I think it has to do with who do you trust?

See, baby formula, is actually VERY regulated on a global scale. The Codex Alimentarius runs the show on it. Side note: if that name alone doesn’t say CONSPIRACY THEROIST’s wet dream, I don’t know what does.

The scientists of the Codex along with different doctor organizations have done a bunch of research on the making of formula. They have issued warnings and support for different things around babies. Add to that, they are all funded by the makers of baby foods and formulas. They are all human and they are all biased.

In the end though, the nutrition a newbie gets from breast feeding is OFF THE CHART! In addition, the chemical make up is EXTEMELY complicated AND, AND, AND (emphasis added), the chemical formula WILL CHANGE based on information from the baby. That little nugget blew my mind! How can a company make a product that is supposed to compare to a naturally occurring mix that is different person to person AND will change as needed?

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a mermaid’s preferred soap is…TIDE! HAHAHAHAHAHA…tide…(tear).


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