Ed-vise: Power of Attorney

A HOT GOOD MORNING!!! to you all!!! Yup, HAWT! Sitting here in So. Cal helping out with Pops and it is HAWT! But a welcome respite from the drowning rain!

Technically Talkin Tuesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s TUESDAY…Technically!

Couple days of driving from Oregon to So. Cal! Not a bad drive this go round. Granny was with me the whole way. Good passenger. Definitely NOT to the co-pilot level of Spousal Support Unit. Love you babe!

Power of Attorney. Ever hear of it? I am sure you have.

This thing is a PAIN IN THE ASS!

Why? Because some people and SOME businesses DON’T GET IT!

As you all know, Pops really isn’t in a condition to sign anything. Damage from vascular dementia along with strokes has taken away a bunch of his abilities. Side note, he’s doing well all things considered. And he LOVES Spousal Support Unit’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

So, because of Pop’s condition, mom has to tend to the day to day business of running the house finances and such.

Well, some of that, Pops didn’t really set mom up for so she has to rely on Power of Attorney.

What this thing does is sets up a designated and trusted individual to step into your shoes and handle your affairs should you end up like Pops or worse. Too easy…you’d think.

Here’s the deal: TECHNICALLY SPEAKING a business does NOT have to honor it!

So, when mom hands this document over to the 20-something clerk behind the counter, the clerk that does not know what it is simply says “I don’t know what this is. Sorry, we can’t help you.” True statement to mom at Verizon.

FORTUNATELY, she has someone like me in her corner (actually brother in law who I coached through what to do).

When this happened, they were calm and collected and simply said, “let me talk to the manager.” Fortunately, the manager knew what to do.

Like I said, a business DOES NOT have to recognize the Power of Attorney. If you want, you can force the business to do so…maybe. But even if the court says this is a valid PoA, the business STILL does not have to recognize it. They SHOULD for good business purposes. But it is not REQUIRED.

What to do?

This is where advanced estate planning comes into play. Get out of the mindset that estate planning is for your death. It isn’t. It is for when YOU cannot manage your personal business!

So, Ed-vise says to sit down with an estate type attorney AND/OR your trusted person and plan! Technically Speaking your spouse does NOT have to be the person on the estate plan. Just someone you trust!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you hate badminton, you should try WORSE-MINTON!!! HAHHAHAHAHAHA!


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