Ed-vise: Protecting Rights

A last day of school GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, Newbie’s last day of pre-school today! Then off to the big leagues on a full ride scholarship to kindergarten! Well, not really a full ride…more like public education.

Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s THURSDAY! Time to THINK!

You all know what I say about judges. You know…they don’t protect rights.

OK. So what does it look like when judges DO decide to protect rights? Great question from the Peanut Gallery.

It looks like the recent decision regarding the football coach from my neck of the woods (Bremerton) that has really blurred the lines between church and state.

For background, the coach was/is a teacher. He liked to pray after the game. No student was “required” to gather in prayer. However, all of us who have been to high school knows what it looks like when you decide NOT to participate with the group.

School said don’t do that. He did it anyway cause that’s how Christians roll despite what Christ said. The school then fired him. He challenged all the way to the SU-PREME Court of Good Ol’ ‘Murica.

First clue with a conservative court like this one is the victor goes on Fox “News.” Sounds funny but I am serious as a heart attack. They go on that Looney Tunes of a news show with a big stupid grin and praise their version of god for a righteous victory.

That aside, the second clue that the court is protecting rights rather than doing their job is a bit more complicated. I’ll try to make it simple.

The decision is the type that if a law making body (like Congress) were to pass a law to protect the right, it would NOT harmonize with the Constitution.

For instance, in this case, if the state Congress of Washington decided to pass a law in accordance with this decision, it would say something like “State employees are permitted to pray on state property in their official capacity as state employees.”

THAT wording directly counters the 1st Amendment. There is basically no way a state could pass a measure to incorporate the verdict into law that would NOT violate the Constitution.

Basically, the court is telling the state they must carve out an exception to the Establishment Clause to ALLOW for promoting religious practices by the government on tax payer dollars. Well my dear followers…the state cannot do it and THAT is how you know judges are PROTECTING rights rather than INTERPRETING laws.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves, check in on each other and remember the maker of yard sticks will make them…NO LONGER!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAA…wait…WHAT?


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