Ed-vise: Rule 41

A CONGRATULATIONS GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, Oregon Little League beat out Idaho to play Washington (again) for the NW Regional LLWS Championship! If you don’t watch baseball, I highly encourage everyone to watch. Today at 4pm on ESPN!

Think About It Thursday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s THURSDAY! Time to THINK!

I know many of my faithful readers do not watch the news. Probably best.

So, I want to shed a bit of light on why the Trumptards are losing their ever loving minds lately.

See, the FBI recently obtained and executed a search warrant at Trumpland (Mar A Lago). Unlike how certain states like to execute their warrants, nobody was killed. Furthermore, the FBI didn’t lie to the judge to obtain it like they do in Tennessee. But I digress.

All the people who have drank the Trump Kool Aid are blowing up about third world dictatorships and communism, and marxism, and all other forms of dictator type governments that kick in people’s doors and take their stuff. You know, the type of rulers that Trump actually admires.

None of the news outlets have shown what the FBI was looking for. Some say classified documents. Others say evidence of treason. Some say business dealings related to his New York case. Who knows.

Who knows? WHO KNOWS you ask?

None of the news folks have asked Trump and his legal team to see the warrant.

Think About it. When the feds or the state execute a warrant, they leave a copy of it with the defendant. SIDE NOTE: I call them “defendant” because it is easier. They aren’t necessarily a defendant in the context of a criminal case.

Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, the officer that executes the warrant must give a copy of the warrant and a receipt of items taken to the person that said warrant was executed on. Rule 41(f)(1)(C). That means the FBI would have given Trump or his representative a copy of the warrant and a list of items they seized.

So, rather than speculating about the warrant, the news should ask the Trump Circus to see a copy of the warrant. The FBI won’t show the press. They don’t comment on active investigations.

For me, I think they did the warrant on the wrong place. They should have executed the warrant and dug up his ex wife’s grave at his New Jersey golf course. THAT is where all the good stuff is buried. How do I know? Why would it take 10 pall bearers to carry her casket? It takes 6 for a fallen veteran and she couldn’t have weighed that much!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a chicken’s ghost is called a…POULTRY-GEIST! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA…BOO!


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