Ed-vise: Toward the end

Another off to So Cal GOOD MORNING!!! To you all! Yup, off to Cali again. Pop’s health took a turn toward the end so a quick airplane ticket south. Possibly to see Pops for last time.

Monday Musings Ed-vise today. Cause it’s MONDAY! So GET AFTER IT!

So, like I mentioned earlier, Pop’s health took a turn that has him on the decline toward the end. After 10 months, closure just around the corner.

My brother in law has been an absolute champ on this whole thing. God bless that man! Doing his part to take care of my sis and mom who aren’t exactly the easiest people to get along with. Taking a bit of mom’s anger at the whole thing and, just being the big shoulders that they need. Great work Brian!

He let me know the details (as did the nurse) about dad. Brian relayed that if I wanted to say any last words he would video chat with me to see Pops. For me, not needed. Reason being, my last visit was all I needed to say and hear what was needed. There really were no more words to say. Especially after Pops gave me that last bit of his feelings during a time of mental clarity.

See, Pops had a pretty good stroke this weekend (Saturday). Really set mom off as she could see something wasn’t right. Caregiver came in and was able to get hospice back. Remember, Pops was off hospice for a bit. Later that Saturday, they got Pops calmed down and resting.

Sunday morning, sister texts and says Pops is doing good. I relayed the message around the horn. Then, couple hours later, frantic call from mom to say Pops is not doing good. Back comes hospice with the nurse practitioner. Next thing I’m doing is buying a one-way ticket to So Cal.

Spousal Support Unit and Newbie along with Number One Daughter will be along soon. No worries on that front.

Funny thing is that I thought I had planned out how this trip and the communication was going to happen. When it came time to execute the plan, it felt like I had no plan at all! And yet, here I am this morning, and everything is pretty much falling in place. With the exception that Sis and Brother in Law have COVID…but that’s a different story.

I guess Mike Tyson was right when he said all plans go to shit once you get punched in the face!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a potato wearing glasses is called a…SPEC-TATOR! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…4 eyes!


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