Ed-vise: Dividend Check

A Number One Daughter in town GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, she flew down last night for a bit of moral support for my mom and me as well as some peace of mind for her. She’s a keeper…we like her!

Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s THURSDAY! Time to THINK!

Last night, I grilled up some chicken for mom and sis; brother in law and son along with myself. Bro in law did up potatoes and corn on the cob; sis did up a big salad and we all ate well. Number 1 son was a bit late but still was able to enjoy some chicken. Side note: I don’t think he is eating enough. He looks good…and skinny. Hmmm

I digress

Bro in Law takes note of the world and has done a wonderful job of pointing out to me, in his special way, issues that need Thinking.

One that has had me thinking has to do with what some call “Energy Exploration” other call it “Fossil Fuels” and still others call it “Death of a Planet.”

The conversation started regarding a large oil deposit that sits somewhere around Houston that the Biden Administration allegedly will not release to drilling. That’s fine. That’s their job.

Oil industry hates it which means damn near every Republican hates it as well.

I made known that the oil industry holds a bunch of leases that they refuse to execute in the pursuit of oil. That’s fine. That’s within their purview.

Understand, those land leases are basically use permits for the oil companies to use PUBLIC LAND for the exploration of and removal of oil and other fossil fuels. They purchase the lease, drill or frack the land, remove the oil, sell that oil to pay for the costs of doing business and make massive profits (6 to 10 times what they made last year).

PUBLIC LAND means just that: PUBLIC. Meaning you and I should have access to it to, well, do what we would like to do. I should be able to go in and buy one of those leases. But, I can’t. Furthermore, once an oil company starts work on removing oil, I can’t really access the land to do whatever. OK, fine, it’s a bit dangerous.

Oil companies keep those profits.

Think About It. Why not have the oil companies give back to the PUBLIC a portion of those big ass profits in the form of a DIVIDEND CHECK?

See, in Alaska, every citizen of the State of Alaska receives a dividend check. The size of the check is based on the profits made by the oil companies in producing oil from Prudhoe Bay and other areas. Some years it is small; other years it is really big.

Makes pretty good sense when you Think About It. After all, those companies are making profits off of OUR lands. maybe WE should get a bit more of the pie! Don’t ya THINK?

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember that the cowboy bought a dachhound because he wanted to…GET A LONG LITTLE DOGGY! HAHAHAHAHAHA…That’s a cowboy joke!


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