Ed-vise: Tua

A Newbie got stung GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, forgot to mention it last week but on Thursday, Newbie got stung by a bee at school. Our thoughts and prayers go to the bee’s family because I’m pretty sure Newbie was screwing with it!

Monday Musings Ed-vise today. Cause it’s MONDAY! So GET AFTER IT!

The NFL which stands for Not For Long when you make those kind of calls – Jerry Glanville.

Miami QB has incurred a major brain injury. I don’t say concussion because of the uncertainty of the issue.

For some back story, just Google “Miami QB brain injury” and you will see what happened.

The Sunday before the main, major injury, the QB (Tua Tagoviola) took a knock down which caused, in my opinion, some brain trauma. I’ve seen A LOT of people knocked out on their feet. I think I’ve even been knocked out on my feet. The way Tua was stumbling around, he was definitely KO’d. He left the field on his own. Was evaluated by team physicians and independent neurologist and re-entered the game after half time.

Then, the following Thursday, he is in the game, takes a serious and similar fall resulting in a serious KO. Now, the league is pointing all kinds of fingers in all kinds of directions. The independent neurologist has been fired. The Football Talking Heads are screaming for more firings. In particular the coach along with everyone else that can be fired.

As I was once told: Hold on. Just Hold On! Let’s think about this. Rather let’s Muse on it!

The Sunday KO was evaluated. In addition to that evaluation, there were several people in the medical field who signed off on the evaluation. From what I gather, the NFL evaluation criteria is subjective. Meaning it is subject to interpretation. Meaning one person’s concussion might not be another person’s. So long as the evaluation process was used correctly and verified correctly, then it was a mistake to fire the independent neurologist. They would have done EXACTLY what they were supposed to do. The error, if any, would be in the system; the process. NOT in the examiner.

For those wanting the coach to be fired, I disagree. The coach has a whole bunch of things going on to think about. To analyze. The coach must rely on the expertise of those around him to make decisions. He is relying on the hope that the medical people are doing their medical thing. The coach is NOT a doctor. Even if he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, he does not have the medical expertise to deal with a KO’d player. The coach believes in his personnel to do what they are trained to do.

Now, he can take ownership of the issue which he probably will. However, I cannot hold him to that because he is not a doctor. The medical people given to the coach were vetted by the NFLPA and the owners. It is not on the coach to deal with those medical people UNLESS he knows they are quacks.

If we want someone to blame on this, I would blame the QB and I would blame his teammates.

I don’t care what anyone says, an athlete KNOWS when they are not 100%. THEY KNOW IT! For Tua to allow himself back on that field was selfish on his part. He KNEW he was not 100%. He KNEW IT! And he still played. His selfish competitive side put the team at risk along with his health. He knew it and didn’t speak up.

I blame his teammates. I blame them because they are closest to him. They are athletes and they KNOW the signs. Most likely because they have endured it. They should have spoken up and they didn’t. They stayed silent. And, now, Tua’s career could be done.

This goes directly to mental health which is a hot topic these days. If someone you are close to is in trouble, point it out. Be human and give them a hug. Ask them if they are OK. If they say they are and your Spidey Sense tingles, tell them. Be a big enough person to make it known that they might need pulled out of the game. Otherwise, they could be facing something VERY serious.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. CHECK IN ON EACH OTHER and remember ghosts go to the bars for the…BOOOOOOOS! HAHAHAHHAHAHA…BOO!


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