Ed-vise: Foreign Analysts

A back from San Jose GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, back from some more jits down in San Jose. It was hosted by a Professor who calls himself a Viking, hippie, beat neck. And he is one hell of a martial artist!

Monday Musings Ed-vise today. Cause it’s MONDAY! So, GET AFTER IT!

Plenty of driving this weekend means plenty of podcast time! So, fired up the ol’ Lex Fridman and put in the miles.

Fiona Hill. Ever hear of her? No you have not! You’re thinking of Lauryn Hill. HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Fiona Hill left the National Security Association (NSA). She served under three presidents from Bush Jr., to Obama, to T-rump. Ended up having to testify before the house and senate as to the silliness that was T-rump.

Her area of focus: Russia and all things Putin.

And she got me Musing!

Today’s headlines have a quote from a prominent Russian figure who plainly states that Russia did, in fact, meddle in the elections. Furthermore, he pointed out that they will KEEP DOING IT!

Fiona’s point that got me Musing: WE (us ‘Muricans) did it to ourselves. Furthermore, those with the ability and job of doing something about it (House and Senate folks), treat the whole thing like a game and do NOTHING about it.

Foreign analysts, like Fiona, are many times, immigrants from various regions of the world. Want to know about Thailand? Hire someone from Thailand. Want to know about Russia? Hire someone from Russia or, if you cannot trust them, hire someone that has done a lot of work in Russia (like Fiona).

Well, if you remember when all the crap blew up during T-Rumps run through the playground and ended up getting him impeached, Ukraine was the big topic. The people that were called up to testify were politically neutral. Meaning they did their job of analyzing foreign entities and reporting on their issues. So, when they testified, they gave the facts of what they learned and reported it. Yet, they were “crucified” before the nation on live TV.

Then, when those people returned to their office to continue working, the death threats would come rolling in. Death threats. For doing their job.

The people in Congress had no interest in finding out the who, what, or how. They had no interest in figuring out how to deal with the fact that Russia was interfering in our elections. No interest in upgrading cyber protections or countering the message put out by Russia. Nope. They were only interested in getting the analyst to appease their biases.

To make matters worse, nothing has STILL been done other than the mouth piece for Putin now owns Twitter.

Imagine being an immigrant to this country. Swearing loyalty and renouncing the citizenship of your homeland. Providing valuable insights into your homeland and the government to notify Good Ol’ ‘Murica about potential threats. Being called up to provide testimony to Congress only to be vilified. Humiliated. But wait. There’s more! You get back to your office and all the talking heads continue to vilify you and then come the death threats. The threats to your own family.

And, finally, your recommendations are ignored. I put my face in my hands.

The information from these analysts is absolute gold. They need protected from public scrutiny ESPECIALLY from those of us who have no idea. If called to testify, it should be done behind closed doors. No cameras. Not even the name of the person is permitted to get out to the public. I know, that’s impossible. Especially in DC.

But, ultimately, our so called “representatives” need to stop treating this like a game. The shit is real and action needs taken. Otherwise, like the Russians said, they will take the liver and kidneys (of our political system) at the same time.


I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember Chuck Norris can speak braille…IN SPANISH! HAHAHHAHAHAHA…that’ a bad dude!


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