Ed-vise: The Trade

A Defeat from the Jaws of Victory GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, the Raiders managed, once again, to lose after pushing around the Rams last night. Lost to Baker Mayfield and a beat to hell Rams team! Four quarters in a game guys…4.

Free For All Friday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s FRIDAY! My boy is COMING HOME! And Open Mat; PIZZA NIGHT! Life doesn’t get too much better than that.

Brittany Griner is home! She’s the WNBA player that was convicted in Russia for a bit of medical marijuana in her luggage. In a political stunt by Pooty, she was sentenced to some really harsh time.

Biden et al traded an arms dealer for her. Now, she’s home with her friends and family.


And, of course, many are losing their ever loving minds! Why? Because they SUCK that’s why!

Many of the Phaux (pronounced Fox but means Fake) Nation feel that Biden didn’t do anything to get back a “Marine” who was convicted of spying and was sentenced to prison in Russia.

I put Marine in quotation marks because that dude was KICKED OUT of the Marines AS A DISGRACE! That’s why you get kicked out of the Marines.

His name is Paul Whelan in case you were wondering. He stole another Marine’s identity and wrote bad checks on that Marine’s name. Let that sink in. PLUS, as a “spy” he was too stupid because he wasn’t working for ‘Murica. He was working for himself! In essence he was trying to blackmail Russia.

Now, back to Brittany and the trade.

Like I said, she was traded for a Russian arms dealer. He sold guns and other weapons all around the world. We captured him and put him in prison because he sold those weapons to people that Good Ol’ ‘Murica didn’t like. Fair enough.

The same useless mouth breathers at Phaux News ask why we would let such a vile criminal go. Why we would trade him for Brittany. Basically, they try to paint the deal as if we had the devil himself in our possession and we let him go.

Look here people.

Good Ol’ ‘Murica does some really dumb things. Those dumb things are almost ALWAYS on a MASSIVE scale. We are talking involving billions of dollars and plenty of lives.

When we do a trade like this, we really do know what we are doing. There is ALWAYS a plan or plot going on behind the scenes. ALWAYS.

You ever hear of this Russian, Viktor Bout? Not until now with this exchange. The so called “Merchant of Death.”

For this Christmas Season, don’t be put out by Brittany’s return. Celebrate. Don’t be put out by Whelan’s continued imprisonment. Celebrate that too (he’s a bum). And don’t stress about the release of the “Merchant of Death.” We captured him last time, alive. We won’t capture him alive again.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember what gingerbread men put on their beds…COOKIE SHEETS! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA…my gumdrop buttons!


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