Ed-vise: Taxes

A way to go Washington GOOD MORNING!!! to you all. Yup, they beat U of Texas…in Texas no less! Also, the Ducks even did good against North Carolina the other night. Looks like the Pac 12 is doing good bowl wise this year. Usually we end up being the PUKE 12 for bowl season

Free For All Friday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s FRIDAY! OPEN MAT; PIZZA NIGHT!

His Taxes are out! His Taxes are out! His Taxes are out!

Like Paul Revere riding through the town announcing the British are coming. Congress has released the ever elusive tax returns of T-rump.

Now, all the people on social media can become experts in taxes. I mean, they are already leading people down the wrong path with very wrong assumptions.

Like one “armchair expert” that I saw was raising suspicion about a couple of LLC type companies T-rump had set up. They both “earned” enough money to make a large purchase which they wrote off as a business expense. The “expert” made it seem like that was this super suspicious, almost criminal thing.

It’s not. Simple as that.

In fact, that same exercise in moving money is available to EVERYONE!

Let there be no mistake on my sentiment about T-Rump. He is a draft dodging coward that insulted a veteran and a veteran’s family. May he burn in hell.

The man is not smart enough to know how to move that kind of money around. All of the tax moves were done by (drum roll please…): ACCOUNTANTS!

Trained professionals who know the laws and how to navigate within those limits. Thus, when you read through those taxes in 2023, don’t read them like you are looking for a criminal act. Rather, look through them to gain the know how to maneuver your money around and avoid paying taxes.

Avoiding paying taxes is NOT a crime. Never has been.

Unethical? Maybe. A crime only IF you owe. Otherwise, it is a game. If the government didn’t want you to play the game, they would make a flat tax with no write offs or exclusions/ exemptions.

Like Pops told us: taxes should be a zero sum game. You don’t pay and neither does the government. A refund is, after all, you paying too much in taxes.

I’m just saying

That’s it for 2022!

As always…TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES! CHECK IN ON EACH OTHER! and remember Christmas Trees love to be stripped of their decorations. They become…DE-LIGHTED! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA…(snort)!


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