Ed-vise: Earthquake Signs

A post State of the Union GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, I watched it. I thought Biden did a good job. Especially when he got ALL the Republicans to voice their 100% support for keeping Medicare and Social Security. HA-HA as Nelson from the Simpsons would say!

What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s WEDNESDAY! And I do love WEDNESDAYS!

You all know the scenario I will talk about: The quake in Turkey and Syria.

It was a huge one in the super early morning hours. 7.9 was the magnitude. Buildings were literally pancaked on top of themselves. One story collapsing on the next, on the next, on the next. All the way to the groud.

Families sleeping when the roofs fell in. Thousands upon thousands dead. At last count was 11,000. Then you have the injured. I figure a 4 to 1 ratio. You can imagine how overwhelmed the hospitals are. Imagine dealing with the hospital being shook up and then being rushed by thousands of people carrying thousands more. Saying “it’s gonna be a long day” would be an understatement.

Earthquakes have been a part of human existence since we started existing. Even before. Yet they are still just as devastating.

You all know what I will say about this: Have a plan. Have stand by supplies. I say three days worth before FEMA and other rescue operations can get set up.

Here, in Good Ol’ ‘Murica, we have a pretty robust rescue thing/ plan. National disaster readiness and such. It won’t take long for them to set up shelter tents and start supplying necessaries.

I won’t put much there. You know the drill.

So, here is the scenario: What Would You Do if your dog starts howling in a way they never have before? What about if your fish starts going crazy in the fish tank or your pet bird starts losing it’s mind? Just all of a sudden.

Believe it or not, there is research being done, primarily in Asia, regarding the ability of animals to detect earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Apparently snakes are really good at early reactions. In several instances, bugs and birds will leave their homes a few days before a big event.

One video I came across regarding the recent earthquake shows a dog in the middle of an intersection. It howls and howls. A deep and weird howl. It is very eerie. It was howling several minutes before the earthquake. Nobody got up. A few cars drove around it but the dog never moved. It stayed in the intersection and kept on howling.

Granted, if you woke your whole family up because a dog was howling in the street, you would be the odd one in the house. For me, Spousal Support Unit would probably kill me. Newbie would find it funny…not Spousal Support Unit.

A dog howling. Perhaps a bunch of birds taking off in a mass flock? OK, now my Spidey Sense might tingle. I don’t have a fish nor a pet bird and DEFINTELY no snake. What other sign could you come up with? Bugs moving in a big way? Yup, they are everywhere.

This is just Ed-vise here but I think critters in the wild tend to reveal what the earth is about to do. We just tend to ignore it or get pissed off at the dog for waking us up.

I will say this: when Hershey comes and sits at the door and looks at me, for whatever reason, I know something is up.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Be the person a stranger would do CPR on. Check in on each other and remember evil chickens come from…DEVIL EGGS! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA…tear


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