Ed-vise: Nation of Laws

A post passover GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, Passover…passed. I almost missed it were it not for Spousal Support Unit reminding me. You could say Passover almost passed-over me! HA…bonus joke!

Monday Musings Ed-vise today. Cause it’s MONDAY! SO GET AFTER IT!

I’ll start this one with this: we are a nation of laws. It is our willingness to abide by those laws that’s makes nations better. Not great. Just better.

I was Musing this weekend about the T-Rump thing. And, I asked myself, I said “Self, what if T-Rump had the full support of Flow-Rida and Flow decided to not send T-Rump back to New York?” Basically a bit of a stand-off.

All states have extradition agreements. That is if a criminal runs from one state to another, the other state will arrest them and send them back. It’s part of the Constitution. Article IV section 1.

But, what if a state doesn’t agree with the other state’s charges of the criminal? Doesn’t matter. Constitution says that the other state will arrest the person and turn them over to the other state for justice.

But…what if the other state simply does nothing? Since New York indicted T-Rump (charged with a crime), he is to be turned over to New York by whatever state he happens to be in unless he chooses to turn himself in. What if, Flow-Rida decides not to arrest him?

Hmmm. That would create what we law types call a “Constitutional Crisis.” What would then happen is New York would ask permission to send their authorities into Flow-Rida and arrest T-Rump and then leave the state.

But, what if Flow-Rida said “Nope.”

Then, New York would seek the assistance of the Federal Government. That is they would file suit with the Supreme Court. They would have no obligation to go through the normal channels of circuit courts and appeals court. Nope. It goes straight to the top court. Cases like that are in the Supreme Court’s original jurisdiction.

The court would then look at the issue through the lens of the Constitution and tell Flow-Rida to turn him over. They would NOT hear anything related to the indictment or anything else other than does New York have a right to T-Rump for breaking their laws. And the answer would be “Turn Him Over.”

And, if at that point Flow-Rida and De-Satan (my nickname for Desantis) says “Nope” then the feds step in with the FBI and helicopters and ATF, and Star Fleet Command and everyone else that wants to join in and they take him. Probably under cover of darkness and it would be SO COOL to watch! Holy Crap would that be AWESOME! Add to that, they would probably come back a few days later and arrest De-Satan after New York charges him for hiding a known criminal. I can only dream.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Be the person a stranger will do CPR on. Check in on each other and remember trees go online by simply…LOGGING IN! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA…TIMBER!


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