Ed-vise: Just Quit

A gonna miss you Len Goodman GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, Len Goodman from “Dancing With the Stars” has left the building. I will say this: That Old Guy from Britain Could DANCE! Gonna miss your comments, your wit, and your moves!

Monday Musings Ed-vise today. Cause it’s MONDAY! So…GET AFTER IT!

Once again, a CEO opened his big, stupid mouth and, in an effort to “motivate” his employees to do more, he proceeded to point out what a hypocrite and jackass he is.

What’s with these CEO types these days?

He is the second one to puke out their stupidity to the working employees and prove, once again, that many employees are just a number on a spreadsheet.

The second CEO accepted a $1 million bonus while the rest of the employees, you know, the ones that did all the heavy lifting, they received a big fat goose egg for their bonuses. With a side of “quite whining about it” from the CEO.

So, why don’t they just quit?

THAT was my Musing this past weekend along with some great wine.

First, whose to say they are not already quitting. Meaning more likely than not, everyone has their resume updated and put out there. Fair enough.

The other part goes to where would they go?

Quitting a job is not as easy as most like to believe. Especially when it comes to “At Will” employment states. The supposed “fairest” thing around…yeah right.

Many, don’t have a back up plan. They get into a job that supports their lifestyle to a certain level. Then, to walk away, often they would need to take a pay cut. Rather a lifestyle cut.

What makes it even harder is when you have a family to support. That makes it even tougher because now, your family’s lifestyle takes a cut.

Tight job market, makes it even tougher. Again, where will you go if nobody is hiring.

To add to all that, there is the identity thing. The longer you stay with a company, the more you “become” that company. It becomes a part of you. You invest a lot of time into making the company grow. Perhaps you believed in their mission at one point. So, you put in a TON of time toward that mission. If you had dedicated that much time and effort to a project, could you simply walk away? It become tough.

Basically, when the job market is tight, CEOs and boss types can say how they truly feel. They expose the fact…the FACT…that the bigger the company the less employees really matter. The more the employees become just another resource. A HUMAN RESOURCE!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Become the person a stranger will do CPR on. Check in on each other and remember chickens go to the gym to work on their…PECS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…massive pectorals!


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