Ed-vise: So Long Tucker!

An Aaron Rodgers to the Jets GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, it finally ended. Rodgers leaves Green Bay to play for the team where QB careers die: The New York Jets. He should have retired and called it “good.” Good luck there Aaron. You will need it!

Technically Talking Tuesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s TUESDAY…Technically!

Gotta say something on this one

Tucker Carlson is O-U-T!

But, I’m still NOT going to tune into Faux (Fox) News.

I don’t think Pops ever watched or listened to Tucker. Reason being Pops had regular TV. Like through an antennae type TV. Tucker was a cable personality. Pops did not have cable. I like to think he did that to avoid talking clowns like Tucker. Or, maybe he liked watching Korean Christian Church shows. Who knows.

Either way, that lying bastard who did more to divide this nation than just about anyone is out at Faux. And I love it!

The only thing is that he will resurface on Newsmax or One America Network or on his own stupid podcast. His message of hate and lies will continue to puke forth because he has an audience. That audience cannot be reasoned with. They simply do not care about ANY type of facts or truth.

Tucker was sued for libel and won. Judge stated that the stuff Tucker puts out is NOT factual news. It is no better than the old Jerry Springer stuff. I actually think Jerry was better. He was famous for his “You are or are not the Father!” Then the brawl would come.

The better show along those lines was Morton Downey Jr. MAN! That show was AWESOME! Straight up yelling and fights. It was the inauguration of what the media called “Trash TV.” AND I LOVED IT!

Then, one day, Morton claimed to have been attacked by a bunch of Nazis who drew swastikas on his face. Well, the swastikas were backward because Morton used a mirror and drew them on HIMSELF. And that was the end of a GREAT show.

Tucker’s was no different. Only thing is his audience isn’t NEARLY as sophisticated as Morton’s.

So, Tucker made his millions and was cancelled at Faux News. Literally. Rumor has it he has been approached by Russia State Media (that’s Putin’s TV) to do commentary for them.

Faux has fired a few people in the past for having to pay out a shit ton of money. Roger Ailes, Bill O’riley, Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly to name a few. Though Gretchen and Megyn were fired because they wouldn’t sleep with Fat Ass Roger. Still, all of them landed on their feet with big fat bank accounts and Tucker will be no different.

Hopefully Hanity will follow suit…one can hope.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Be the person a stranger will do CPR on. Check in on each other and remember possessed chickens always lay…DEVILED EGGS! HAHAHAHAHAHA…spooky!


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