Ed-vise: Tina Kotek

A Gordon Lightfoot GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, lost another one. Gordon Lightfoot of song fame (Edmund Fitzgerald, Sundown) has passed away. Never forget mom playing his songs in the car tape player. Ahhh memories.

Technically Talking Tuesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s TUESDAY…Technically.

Oh Shemia.

Has to issue an apology because she was doing consulting on the side. Her side hustle of consulting for a cannabis company about getting permits in states other than Oregon created a bit of a conflicting interest.

She claims her $77,000 salary as Secretary of State for Oregon isn’t enough to cover her bills.

But, that isn’t what I want to blog specifically on.

I want to bring to light that the Oregon governor, Tina Kotek, is kicking some ass holding people accountable.

She launched an investigation of Shemia when it was getting reported about the conflict of interest.

The Oregon legislature passed a measure to allocate millions of dollars for the homeless issue/ crisis in Portland. Well, Tina asked a simple question: “what will you do with this millions of dollars?” After all, there has been a LOT of money given over for the homeless crisis. One friend said “I bet there has been at least a million dollars given for EACH homeless person.”

The City of Portland could not come up with an answer. Tina then made it known that the money would sit on her desk until the City of Portland could tell her was going to happen with this money. Once she received a good answer, she let the money go.

I like stuff like that. I don’t care what political party they belong to. Shemia and Tina are in the same party. Still, Tina wasn’t going to let Shemia get off. Shemia needs to be held to account and Tina seems to want to make sure that happens.

Mind you, I’m not a democrate. I wrote myself in for governor. However, when I read stuff like that, it gives me hope that good things can happen in politics.

I guess, Technically, Tina might be doing a good job.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Be the person a stranger will do CPR on. Check in on each other and remember when my friend David lost his ID, he was just…DAV! HAHAHHAHAHAHAA…lost his name!


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