Ed-vise Episode 20

Another day! Another Day! Seize the initiative and build your dreams!

A slight change to the column today. Instead of the bit o trivia section specifically set aside, I will incorporate it within the daily discussion. I’ll give it a go and see what happens.

Monday Musing Ed-vise today

Was in a conversation with my spousal support unit this past weekend. One of several actually. The news was talking about the psychological impacts of distance learning and staying at home for kids. Add to that all the negative press about how the schools are failing the students and “must re-open” for in person teachings and blah, blah, blah. You learn alot about a country when there is a pandemic.

See, back in the founding days of the nation, there were no public schools. Teaching was done at the home. It wasn’t until the Puritans (these people wrecked havoc upon so many people and lives) came about and figured kids needed to be taught by professionals and that kids should be considered wards of the state. Thus, kids were removed from the homes by mandating that education be taught at public schools. In fact, in Oregon, it was illegal to teach your kid privately up until 1927.

In fact, for centuries, and I do mean CENTURIES, the bulk of the populace was taught at home and some really great thinkers and inventions came about as well as amazing discoveries. It was the “Great Religions” that worked hard to control education as well as who received the education.

Now, parents are forced to examine what their child is being taught by the state. Yes, it is ‘Merica, and not the former Soviet Union that indoctrinated kids into the state. However, think about it. Why wouldn’t ‘Merica, want “good citizens?” Take the kids out of the home and teach them the importance of the state rather than leave it to the parents to teach them how to read (leave me alone and go read a book), write (write a letter; get a letter) and do ‘rithmatic (why do we need algebra again?). Those three “r’s” represent the three keys to freedom. And they do not need state involvement.

Just some musings

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember I am always second to admit I am wrong.


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