Ed-vise Episode 21

Well look what the cat drug in!!! Yup, another Ed-vise episode for you all!

Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

In all the fury about the upcoming election, supreme court pick, racial riots, and police brutality, we are sitting on the brink of a major war! Wait WHAT?!!? Yup, they shootin’; they shootin! Put a pin in this… I’ll get back to it.

See, just outside of Turkey (that’s Europe-ish), there is are two countries: Azerbaijan (Az) and Armenia (Ar). Both used to be part of the USSR. Both have a long and ancient history and an extremely ancient story which I won’t lay out here.

When the USSR fell apart, Az and Ar went to war. Why? Because a bigger power forced them to by forcing people that don’t like each other the live together. The little area known as Nagorno-Karabakh sits in Az but is full of Ar people. The Ar people want the whole place to go to Ar and Az says “you people can go to Ar but the land stays with us.” And now, they shootin’… again.

Now, circling back to my pin.

Russia likes Ar; Turkey likes Az. Russia wants to be seen as a mediator and referee (like fox guarding the hen house). Turkey supports Az. Why? Because Az is the port of entry for natural gas from Russia. NATO likes Turkey. And the CiC of ‘Merica… well, he likes Putin/ Russia.

Which brings up my tech piece: Support alternative fuels. Too many lives have been lost through war and workplace accidents due to fossil fuels. In addition to all the health issues being created by the by-products. Plenty of wars over fossil fuels; haven’t heard of any over solar… just sayin


That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember Michael Meyers was focused on one true love. Everyone else he but to pieces! That’s focus!


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