Ed-vise Episode 22

Well WHAT’S A-HAPPENING… DUDE!!! That’s a phrase my uncle used to say to me all the time.

Normally, it’s the What Would You Do Ed-vise today. Instead, I cannot go without commenting on last night’s shit-show of a “debate.”

I’ve seen plenty of debates in my lifetime. And, over that same timeframe I can honestly say nothing comes from these debates. Nothing. No movement of the needle, not discussion of key points, no new information. Absolutely nothing other than attempts at barbs and insults. Little tiny clips that can get blasted across social media as victorious points. 90 minutes was allocated and Chris Wallace (who really is a great journalist) breaks it down for 2 minutes responses and counter points. And we are supposed to make up our minds based on that.

First question was about the Supreme Court pick. What Would I Have Said? If in Biden’s shoes I would have said “he’s absolutely right.” You see, to the victor goes the spoils. Been that way since Andrew Jackson. I don’t see it changing any time soon. I would have only pointed out that the Republicans can’t keep their word. Never could. Never will. There’s better ways to deal with a conservative court: a senate that does it’s job for one. That doesn’t hold up bills to sign because of partisan politics. Something like that.

From there, I turned it off. I saw no need to watch old men with dementia arguing. Sad that we will be led by one of them. Well, I mean, one of them will sit in the chair. I highly doubt either of them will lead.


That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember what the old man in the D-FAC of Bagram told me: “WASH YOUR HANDS!”


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