Ed-vise Episode 23

As SaLaam Aaikum to you all! Peace be unto you. It’s typed that way because that’s the best way I could think of writing it since my keyboard doesn’t do Arabic.

Think about it Thursday Ed-vise today

Was chatting with a friend of mine the other day about this pandemic and the reactions at the state and federal level. And, it got me think about today’s column.

I’ll start with a question. What if the president had asked Congress for a declaration of war against the pandemic? Think about it.

See, if war is declared the executive branch gets a bunch of unchallenged power. And I do mean a bunch. Suspension of civil liberties in particular.

The last declaration of war was WW2. The Congress, at that time, gave FDR a declaration of war which he signed into law. And he took off with it by mobilizing and entire nation into winning the war. Ultimate power sat with him. A single mind dedicated to defeating the enemy.

Today, a declaration of war would give DJT what he really wants: ultimate authority. He could mobilize the nation to the elimination of the disease. He could deal with those things that seem to annoy him such as suspension of free press and, worse still, suspend the upcoming election. Granted, these suspensions would be challenged in court. However, the weight of decision would be heavy in his favor IF, and I do mean IF, Congress gave him a declaration of war.

If he went to Congress and asked, more likely than not, they would not do it. Which would lead him to the other side of saying “well I guess it’s not that bad then” and leave it at that. No more discussion; no more nothing. Every time reps from Congress came on TV to say how the disease isn’t being handled correctly, he could go back and say “I told you how it can be eliminated but you wouldn’t give me what I need.” Touche. Definitely something to think about.


That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember an inspired knot is a Can-knot! I just made that up


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