Ed-vise Episode 24

It’s FRIDAY!!! WHAT WHAT!!! Welcome to the Friday Episode of Ed-vise!!!

Free for all Friday Ed-vise today

Trying to find a sympathetic bone in my body today.

Our Fearless Leader has been struck by the very virus he told the public was a hoax! That his followers would flock to his clown show with zero regard for their fellow man and not, I repeat NOT, contain the virus that might very well be in them. Low and behold, one of them had it and, along with that person’s support, gave it to the “Fearless One!” Don’t have much sympathy.

But, the one that really hits home for me has to do with what took my grandfather’s life: Black Lung.

See, my grandfather was a coal miner who ended up with black lung and all the other ailments associated with the syndrome.

Back in 1952, Alabama began to compensate miners for this disease. Then, in 1969, the United Mine Workers were able to convince Congress to enact the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act which was amended in 1972 to establish a fund for treatment black lung. Basically making a person comfortable because you were probably going to die from this. The fund was paid for by an excise tax on coal.

Well, it turns out a bankrupt coal executive named Robert Murray applied for these benefits. Mr. Murray lobbied hard to get the regulations that protect miners from black lung removed AND to defund the Black Lung Fund. He claims he didn’t but, well, you be the judge: https://www.wkyufm.org/post/bob-murray-who-fought-black-lung-regulations-coal-operator-has-filed-black-lung-benefits#stream/0

Seriously, this man does things far worse than our “Fearless One.” What is it with executives like this that just grind people up for their bottom line?

So, karma came and bit them both leaving me trying to find sympathy for either.


That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the masks hold the virus that YOU are carrying from your fellow humans.


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