Ed-vise Episode 40

A “HOLY CRAP IT’S COLD” Good morning to you all!!!

Today’s bit o trivia: Velma Barfield. This day in 1984 she was put to death (executed) by the Great State of North Carolina. Abused by her father and ignored by her mother she became a caretaker. She wasn’t a good caretaker because her “cares” came up dead with similar symptoms: diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain. By the time she was arrested, she had left a trail of seven dead victims. Her first was her husband in 1969. He got drunk, passed out. She took the kids and lit the house on fire with him in it. Her last meal: two 8oz Cokes and one bag of Cheetos.


Monday Musings Ed-vise today

If you’ve been paying attention, you will know I am reading the book titled Deep Work. I have found this a fascinating read. Newport does a great job of pointing out the value in being able to dive into deep work. In addition, he really highlights the amount of “shallow work” that occurs daily. He points out how the internet and all of it’s wonderful, shiny objects distracts us from great thinking and great ideas, forcing us into shallow and un-rewarding tasks.

One thing that came to mind while reading this came about as he talked about getting rid of distractions (clutter) such as social media and allowing time/ space for contemplation and clear thinking. Newport discussed “Meditative Walking” where you go on a walk with a problem on the mind and, well, simply mull that problem over and over to find a solution.

This made me think about farmers. I know, that’s random. Stick with me though. I spent my summers on a farm with my grandad. This was back in the 80’s and 90’s…pre-smartphone. I learned many things about how to solve problems. Basically try stuff and see what happens. Now, after Newport’s “Meditative Walking,” I get the sense that farmers really have this down. See, often times you will find a farmer simply walking. That’s it, just walking. Ask what they are doing and they will give a litany of responses from checking cows to walking fence or whatever. In reality, they are thinking. They have found silence in the mind to meditate on a problem and come up with a solution. No phones; no distractions. Just a walk and a problem to do the math on and solve. Give it a try. You might be surprised… I’m just sayin

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! I don’t care for who… JUST VOTE!


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