Ed-vise Episode 41

A foggy and cold (but not depressing) GOOD MORNING to you all!!!

Today’s bit o trivia: John Elk. Once upon a time, John wanted to vote. He walked into the local voting office and filled out the form to become a registered voter. Unfortunately, Mr. Charles Wilkins said “No.” “But why?” asked John. He believed he had every right to vote in America. After all, he was born in Nebraska (a state in the United States). He was not black nor a slave nor a woman. “Ahhh” said Mr. Wilkins. “All that is true. You are not black or a woman or a slave. You are a Winnebago Indian part of the Winnebago Nation. Thus, you are not a citizen of these here United States.” Not to be told “no,” John took his case to the Supreme Court in Elks v. Wilkins where the Supreme Court of 1884 made it known that a Native American could not renounce their heritage and were thus subject to not being citizens of these here United States but instead are Dependent Aliens. The case has never been overruled but is limited by the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924.


Just Talkin Tuesday Ed-vise today

In case you live under a rock, today is election day. So vote.

But how do you carry on a conversation with someone who does not vote?

For me, you’ve probably realized how much emphasis I place on voting and participation in our electoral process. However, I know people very close to me who simply will not vote. Their reasoning has to do with they do not support or endorse any candidate whatsoever nor do they support any initiatives. They have not been inspired enough to participate or to feel as if their vote really mattered.

Two things on such a position. First, I can understand a position of feeling like your vote doesn’t matter. I cannot replace that feeling in you. I cannot punch it out of you or hug a different feeling in you. I can only continue to preach that your vote does matter and can make a difference. At the same time though I have to ask myself which is better a person who avidly works to get someone elected but fails to vote (for whatever reason) or the person who does nothing to get someone elected but votes? Good question for a Thanksgiving discussion.

Second, I am a veteran. As a veteran I will defend anyone and everyone, to the best of my ability who votes OR does not vote. It is everyone’s right to participate or not participate and I will defend those rights. I’m just sayin

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember to get together with your family for something other than a funeral! Like “Take a Parent to the Election Booth” day.


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