Ed-vise Episode 84

A cold and forecast for snow GOOD MORNING! to you all! Did a run this morning because I have been feeling a bit doughy!

Today’s bit o trivia: Anne of 1000 days. AKA Anne Boleyn. She was Henry VIII’s second wife. See, initially, the king just wanted her as a mistress… like her sister was. Well, he later became totally enamored by her and would marry her AFTER he got rid of his first wife, Catharine of Aragon. Well, Pope Clemens would have none of it and the king would have none of him. So, the king basically took over the churches along with their money. Anne gave birth to Elizabeth I. Hank 8 was not happy with a daughter but he loved her anyway. Then, he fell in love with another. So, he and Tommy Cromwell trumped up a bunch of charges against Anne, convicted her by a jury of her peers and her uncle, put her in the Tower of London and then executed her. Too easy considering a divorce was an option. But whatever


Monday Musings Ed-vise today

I was inspired this morning to go for a run.

As you all know I have a passion for jiu jitsu. Love it. It is physically demanding and provides a good amount of exercise for me. However, it doesn’t feel like enough. Why? Because I believe I can do a better job for my training partners.

You see, I get gassed on the mat. It happens to everyone no matter the age or skill set. It’s just demanding. Well, if you do nothing else other than jitsu, you are really limiting your skills. You don’t get as many rolls in and you don’t get as much learning in.

I can do more. I know I can. So, I went for a run this morning and I can already feel the sore in my legs.

Harden the body to toughen the mind. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember when you want to quit something, you’re probably about to learn something really cool.


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