Ed-vise Episode 85

Cold this morning GOOD MORNING! to you all!!! Hershey does a good walk these days. Totally goes out of his way to bypass a yard with a dog in it… good boy!

Today’s bit o trivia: Kidney Dialysis. Ewww!!! Well, it’s a reality. See, your kidneys are super important. Absolutely vital in the endocrine system. When they start shutting down, your body cannot get rid of certain toxins that you usually breathe out or sweat out. So, they plug you into this machine that does a semi-OK job of filtering your kidneys of the toxins that build up in them. The machine was dreamed up at Johns Hopkins University back in 1913. During WW2, in Nazi occupied Netherlands, a doctor put one together using McGiver principles, sausage casings and beer cans. It worked. One of the bad things that happens during the process is the deterioration of your extremities which whither away. So eat right and protect your kidneys


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

You ever notice how at the end of the work day, you feel like you accomplished nothing?

Do you notice how often people in your workplace say how “busy” they are? Do you feel like your also way busy? And getting busier?

In the book The 4 Principles of Execution the authors point out how this is the “whirlwind.” Just a flurry of activity or stuff that happens on a day to day basis. Things like checking email, responding to it, scrolling headlines, all the random stuff you (and I) do on a daily basis. It seems busy, but is it?

See, technically speaking, we aren’t moving the needle on the mission of the company we work for or on our own lives. Technically, we are just bobbing around in the Sea of Life rather than directing our ships and setting sail for greater lands.

So, for some tech tips on this subject, start with asking “is what I am doing the type of work that will move the needle on my goals?” If the answer is no, your not busy. You’re simply looking busy. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you’re in an argument, don’t be afraid to point out that one of you is right, and the other is your opponent.


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