Ed-vise Episode 86

A positive and uplifting GOOD MORNING! to you all!!! No walk today. Somewhat of an unproductive day yesterday. One too many meetings.

Today’s bit o trivia: Richard Loeb. Ever hear of him? He had a good buddy named Nathan Leopold. Well, back in 1924, these two committed the “Crime of the Century” by kidnapping and murdering one Bobby Franks (rich little kid of 14 at the time). The two were highly educated and a bit arrogant. Sat around and devised, over a 7 month period, the “perfect” crime. Had it all planned out. Car rental, weapon, ransom note, body drop, and evidence disposal. Alibi as well. What they did not plan was Leopold dropping his rare hinge glasses at the scene. And that is where the entire thing fell apart. Chicago PD were all over that and broke Loeb down to get the needed confessions. Life plus 99 years is what both earned. Well, for Mr. Loeb, a fellow prisoner didn’t care for him as a human and slashed him 50 plus times with a straight razor. Bit of overkill… don’t you think?


Think about it Thursday Ed-vise today

What to think about today.

A bit on the market as the Gamestop stock seems to be going crazy for whatever reason.

See, from what I can tell, this stock and several like it are being super hyped up on different platforms by what the “Professional Traders” like to call amateur. The action by the amateur investor are causing artificial inflation of the stock price which is killing hedge fund “Professionals.” Why? Because they keep betting that the price of the stock will drop. Basically betting against the company, hoping it will fail.

I have absolutely no love for hedgefund folks or “Professional” traders. None. And now, they are being beat at their own game and crying like little children who just lost their favorite toy.

Which brings up the Think About It Thursday: the price of a stock in most if not all cases, does not represent the value of a company. The price of a stock represents the value of a piece of paper with a company name on it. Don’t believe me? Check out how many of the companies are so deep in debt that if the bank were to call in the loans, the company would go away.

Keep up the work all you “amateurs!” Make those hedge funds pay and let them pay dearly. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember Sprinkles of Joy does cinnamon rolls on Friday and Saturdays ONLY!


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