Ed-vise Episode 90

It’s getting lighter out GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Thing about running after the rain, or in the rain, is your socks get soaked!

Today’s bit o trivia: Frederick Barbarossa. He was once the Holy Roman Empire Emperor. Yeah, put that on your resume and see where it gets you. If ever there was a German ruler that wandered the land and got into adventures, it was this guy. Crusade after crusade after crusade. If he wasn’t fighting a crusade, he was fighting with the popes of the day. If he wasn’t fighting the popes of the day, he was fighting the Italians. At the Siege of Crema, he launched (via catapult) prisoners and children at the walls of the city. In turn, the people of Crema hacked up the prisoners that were from Frederick’s team. Nobody wins in a siege. Some say Frederick drowned… others say he is still alive some 800 years later. Who knows


What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today

I love this one.

I came across a scholar via podcast this past weekend. Dr. Jane McGonigal. She has a PhD in game design stuff. Super smarty pants type person.

Well, she introduced me to the Institute for the Future. WHAT?!?!? I know!!! A bunch of people asking the same question as me: What Would You DO? Sort of.

That aside, today’s scenario: You are a citizen of Crema (from today’s trivia). You’re city is surrounded. Nothing comes in; nothing gets out. How long do you think you could last before you decided to give up to the outside forces? Would you ever do it?

How about today? What if the virus were such that leaving your house was an assured death sentence? Either by strangers or by the disease? How would you survive?

Couple of ideas for you. One, think about your supply situation. Are you prepped for at least a couple days? Food, water, toilet paper. Perhaps a shovel if you end up having to dig an outhouse in the backyard or at least a bucket. Water will be an issue. Here in Oregon, it’s dumping rain. Do you have a plan for capturing and purifying that Mana from Heaven? No, despite the conspiracists, it is not illegal to set up a rain catching drum. It is illegal to divert a river onto your property. A bit of food for thinking because anything is possible. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the legend of Frederick Barbossa. It’s where we get the insulting gesture of the thumb between the index and middle finger of a fist.


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