Ed-vise Episode 96

A made it through the Snowmageddon GOOD MORNING!!! to you all. Hershey walk this morning gave him a start as a runner with a Head Light popped up on him.

Today’s bit o trivia: Kanada. Not Canada… Kanada. Know the difference? Well, the later is a country that sits just to the north of good ol “Merica. The former… Kanada (for those keeping word placement score) was a philosopher/ scientist from India back, o two, thousand years ago (plus or minus a decade). See, he might have put forward the Laws of Motion BEFORE Mr. Isaac Newton. You know, about things in motion tend to stay in motion. Also came up with ideas about atoms around the same time the Greeks were doing it. In all actuallity, India has a very long and deep history… they just lack in the marketing department which is why their philosophies didn’t really get to the west until, well, they had graduates of the Harvard School of Marketing. Crazy huh?


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today

Sometimes we are a lot smarter than we need to be.

In the world of elevators, there is a thing called a pit. It sits at the bottom landing… sometimes a bit deeper. By landing I mean floor. It is basically a big hole that the elevator descends into to. Not all the way.

It houses a bunch of equipment stuff for the elevator. People lose their keys, documents, jewelry, sometimes a pet in these places.

Well, to get to the bottom of the pit, there is usually a ladder attached to the side. Most are a few rungs. Some are a lot more depending on the depth of the pit. There is work going on about how to make it safer to climb down into the pit to retrieve said stuff or to do work in the pit. One device is an enclosed ladder with pressure sensitive rungs and/or an electric beam that when activated, will remove all power to the elevator to keep the mechanic from getting crushed by the elevator.

A cool looking thing. Not really practical in my opinion. Primarily because of cost. Secondarily because if the thing gets dirty (and it will), it will stop the elevator from working.

What is needed? Teach your people how to do it right. Show them how to do it right. Watch them do it right. And when they do it right: PRAISE THEM. When they don’t: COACH THEM! It’s not rocket science. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember that person following you around from bar to bar, might be your spousal support unit (present or future)


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