Ed-vise Episode 97

A morning after a tough workout GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Holy cats was I smoked last night so I slept in an extra 30 minutes which pushed the morning run off the to do list.

Today’s bit o trivia: Rev. Sylvester Graham. Know who invented the Graham Cracker? This guy! Know who never made a dime from them…This Guy! His buddy Kellogg probably stole the idea from him. So, this reverend, along with many other reverends of the time, had a real problem with any type of sexual pleasure/ deviance. The idea that, a certain self act, would make you go blind… yeah… this guy. Strict vegetarian until one day, he got sick at 57 years old. To make him better, his doctor prescribed a bit of meat and a bit of wine to chase it down. Well, shortly after, the reverend regretted it and later died. If you read up on him, you will see that he actually did come up with some ideas which are taking hold today almost 200 years after his death…like cold showers/ ice therapy…hmmm


What Would You Do Ed-vise today! Yipppeeee!!! I love this one!!!

Here’s the scenario: Well, actually, JUST READ THE PAPER!

Holy crap!!! The US is getting hammered with snow storms that are taking out power grids on a large scale. When you read up and watch the news about this, you can see how fragile how system is that gives us so many luxuries. One big one is the number of people bitching about losing their internet… DAH FAWK! People! Seriously?

That’ is why we plan. We think about the possibilities and we plan for the “as worse as we can scenario.” The fix for a bunch of these problems: a generator. Hmmm. You’d think people in Texas would realize this as it’s probably not the first time this has happened to them. Losing power and all.

Little portable generators are not too expensive. Many companies sell them and lots are really good. I’ve even seen some that built their own using a bicycle for generating. One I saw has it set up so you have to use a rower to power the X-box and TV. No row = No games.

This is an easy one people. Plan ahead. Get a generator, make sure it works and if it needs fuel, fill up when the weather says it’s gonna get bad. Then you’re not tying up traffic attempting to get into the fuel station to fill up your stupid gas can. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember absolute power corrupts absolutely… unless you have a generator


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