Ed-vise Episode 98

Cool brisk GOOD MORNING!!! to you all!!! A good and meditative walk this morning and Hershey was quick on the stepping.

Today’s bit o trivia: An inverter. So, with so much going on with electricaltricity being knocked out because a certain state (Cough TEXAS) didn’t take care of it’s power grid, I will bring up an inverter. This is a cool little device you can use to plug into your car cigarette lighter and power your…stuff. It won’t give you internet but it will give you some juice to power your phones…for emergencies! See, this little thing converts DC power to AC. Your car produces DC power. DC…Direct Current. The power goes from the alternator/ generator (depending on your car) to the lighter. That is DC. Nothing really good except to light a cigarette. Plug in the inverter and “Poof” you now have an AC source which is what your phones and stuff need…unless your car already has such recharge ports.


Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today. I was thinking about writing something about Rush Limbaugh…but ever since I found out he is a draft dodging coward like his BFF Trump, I have no love for him.

I will write about a thought I came up with while reading Robert Greene’s Mastery. If you have not read that book… READ IT!

In it, Greene talks about practice. Good, hard practice. Whatever it is you intend to master, practice. It made me think if it is possible to practice at something that is harmful to you? That is, could you end up mastering what you should not master?

To this I say yes. Take an addict for instance. In watching the show The Sinner there is a scene where the detective hands to a person the necessary means to shoot heroine. The detective says “show me.” The person cannot do it. A true addict will have shot up enough times to know, almost by instinct, what to do. Mastery.

A person, say a boss, that is toxic. Better yet, a person I know, whose wife just left. He has mastered the art of being an ass. Of creating toxic interactions and simply being mean. He practiced it over and over. Consciously or unconsciously, he did it. And now he is suffering the consequences.

Thus, I believe it is possible to Master toxic behaviors or actions. Whether on purpose or not, it is possible. Which is why, for the Think About It, you need friends and family to point out to you, in honesty and in love, your flaws and failings. Otherwise, you will be alone. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember back seat drivers always say the same thing: “Why are you taking me to the woods?”


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