Ed-vise Episode 105

A frost on the windshield GOOD MORNING!!! to you all even if it is the afternoon. Meetings, meetings, meetings…ugh

Today’s bit o trivia: Florida. Go figure. I say this because Texas seems to worship Florid deriving it’s understanding of infectious disease control from said state of Florida which brought us such hits as Florida Man. Well, it was today back in 1847 that good ol ‘Merica decided it would be a good idea to welcome Florida into the union of states. Then, to show their gratitude, 4 years later seceded from the states to join the Confederacy. Gotta love Florida! Probably still thinks Trump is President


What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today… and I love What Would You Do!!!

OK, here’s the situation: Your state says “No More Masks! Everything is OPEN!” Yet, the pandemic is not under control and the pandemic has demonstrated signs of mutating and mutations. Here in Oregon we just got our first “Brazilian” COVID!

Trust me; it WILL HAPPEN! The pressure on local governments to remove the restrictions is unprecedented with people actually taking up arms (like they know how to use them) to get the regulations lifted. So, eventually, the governments will acquiesce to the weight.

Which means a couple things. First, many will flaunt their current “FREEDOM” as Cancun Cruz likes to say. They will dance merrily in the streets celebrating more than King David himself when he brought the Arc of the Covenant back to Jerusalem.

Then, there will be those of us whose form of protest is filling out a hotel complaint card. Suspicious of the whole thing. Friends and family will start the pressure cooker on you to change your suspicions. I AM WARNING YOU!

Understand, the reason behind the decision has nothing to do with science. The ONLY reason (I’ll say it again) THE ONLY REASON for such a decision is votes. And what do I always say?: “THE PARTIES DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!”

That aside, table topping the conversation to object to the removal of protections will help to guide your thinking and prepare you for the outcomes. Remember, there is no reason for you to remove your protections. NONE. And it is your protections that protect me just like mine protect you. And if you wear a mask then know that I AM PROUD OF YOU and that I WILL HAVE YOUR BACK! I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourself. Check in on each other and remember the word “Drool” well it just rolls off the tongue! HAHAHA…tear


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