Ed-vise Episode 125

A still cold GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Hershey walk this morning with a Hershey scratch at the end. Hershey loves a Hershey scratch!

Today’s bit o trivia: St. Kateri Tekakwitha. I bet even the most discerning Catholic doesn’t know who she is. She is a saint. Hence the “St” at the start of her name. What makes her even more special is that she is a Native American saint. Yup, back in 1656 she was born in the Iroquois Nation. Later, she was placed with the Mohawk after small pox killed her family and left her scarred. Betrothed to the Mohawk Chief, she said “Aw Hell Nah!” and left to Montreal. Hooked up with the local priest there and devoted herself to prayer, fasting along with virginity. When she died it was said her emaciated and scarred face took on the look of a newborn child and a smile spread across her lips. Pope Benedict XVI gave her saint status in 2012. Crazy


Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today

Oh whatever will we think about today? I think Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reads my blog. How can I say that? Because he wrote an op-ed piece counter to a blog I wrote a couple weeks ago about The Bachelor and forgiveness. OK, maybe he doesn’t but wouldn’t that be cool?!?

In his op piece he pointed out that the issue was not about forgiveness. It was about race. Kareem then points out the sins committed by the producers, Harrison (former host), and Ms. Kirkconnell. And, I do agree with his statements. Pretty much in toto.

My point did not address racism. It had to do with at what point, in time, do we forgive a sinner? Never? When there is no more racism (again, never)? When they pay a dollar amount? Give blood in a non-voluntary way? When?

Furthermore, why are we so slow to forgive? We hold grudges like badges of honor. Carry them all over the place and let them impact our lives. Don’t believe me? If Donald Trump showed up on your doorstep asking for a slice of bread because he was starving, would you give it to him? I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember rabbits hopping backwards looks like a receding hare-line. Think about it


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