Ed-vise Episode 139

A slightly low on the electrolytes GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yes! Another tough workout last night with an early morning run and lordy am I smoked! All good for some Ed-vise though.

Today’s bit o trivia: William L. Carlisle. Sweet Mr. Carlisle. Born the son of Mr. Cantrell of “Cantrell’s Raiders” fame, he was destined a life of infamy. In his younger years, he found himself out west (Montana/Wyoming areas) and had little to no money. So, he robbed a train. First one was in 1916. Used a toy pistol to do it and paid the engineer and a conductor for their trouble. A couple more to make ends meet and because he had a taste for it. Ended up caught just before his 26th birthday (born April 1890) and sentenced to, like, forever in Wyoming Prison. Escaped and, well, robbed another one! He is considered the “Last Train Robber.” #robbingtrains. I don’t know if that’s a hashtag.


What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today. I do love Wednesdays

Now, normally, I put a scenario based on recent events. Today is not exception! So here it is: Your supervisor, has just been convicted of a major crime based on the instruction given to you. What do I mean here? Similar to the current event with Derik Chauvin, your supervisor has just been convicted of a major crime. That crime is based on a tactic that is commonly done but not 100% authorized.

See, Chauvin was the senior officer on the scene with Floyd. Chauvin employed a martial technique to hold Floyd in down on the ground. Junior officers observe what was happening but were not 100% certain that using the knee on the neck was wrong or would result in a fatality. So, hopefully, they learn, as we all learn, that a knee on the neck is a BAD situation.

And here is why.

I used my knees when I roll in Ju Jitsu. I use it a lot AND I have had knee/ kneeling techniques used on me. I HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED BY THEM! The knee pressure is used to OPEN THE PERSON UP. Meaning it is used to get them to squirm beneath the pressure into a different position.

See, it’s like this. I put the knee on your belly. My body weight with the knee makes it difficult for you to move. That’s control.

I apply pressure to the knee into your belly and you want to move away from the pain. If I do not give you a way out from the pain, you will eventually tap out. AT least I do.

I apply enough pressure to get you to move which will result in you attempting to either push my knee off (exposing your elbows to attack) or roll to your side (exposing your back). A “dick move” would force the tap.

If I do not release the pressure and you cannot escape the pressure, damage to your guts will happen. Now, take the knee to the neck. Now, it is even worse because of the sensitive nature of the neck.

I wish I was better with this so I could post pics and videos of what I am talking about. Needless to say, Minnesota needs to do some serious evaluating of the tactics and teachings of their trainers and what secret techniques are getting out in the streets. Let’s not forget they have another officer up on manslaughter charges for mistaking her side arm for a taser. Round two coming up. I’m just saying.

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if someone steals your soap…they probably got away clean. Get it? Get it? GET IT?


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