Ed-vise Episode 140

What a beautiful Friday GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, missed yesterday because I had to pick up a band saw! Yes! HAD TO! I have a band saw!!!

Today’s bit o trivia: NACA. Nope, not a typo. NACA. This was the precursor organization to NASA. National Advisory Council on Aeronautics. See, after WW1 (and a bit during) good ol ‘Merica saw the advances and race in technology that was going on with European aeronautics. So, ‘Merica was like “whoa” there Europe! Just hold that horse! WE will take care of the aviation thing. And so, in 1915, under a Naval Appropriations bill, NACA was born. Just like that.


Free For All Friday Ed-vise today! Man do I love a long drive so I can listen to some good podcasts.

Matt Ridley is a writer/ scientist type person. He was on with Shane Parish in The Knowledge Project. And he made some points that really rang out. I will talk about one today.

Ridley argues that invention will happen when invention is ready for it to happen. To help my readers, you recall the proverb “necessity is the mother of invention.” It was Plato, who said “our need will be out creator.” Which supports the idea of invention will happen when invention is ready for it to happen.

Back in 1879, Thomas Edison demonstrated his light bulb. Everyone loved it and tweeted about it. Put in Instagram and Facebook and so on and so forth. Edison always gets credit for that technology. However, there were inventors all over the world trying to invent this bulb. Twenty two to be relatively speaking.

The search engine of the internet. Google wins the prize. But lots of other companies were working on that technology at the same time (cataloging the internet).

Wright brothers. It wasn’t just them one day wanting a quicker way to work. There were several different people actively working on propelled flight at the time. They just didn’t have access to social media like the Wright Brothers…damn millenials…of that time.

You see, humanity creates things to alleviate their pain. Our brains and body don’t like hurting so we create things to take that pain away. And that is how invention comes about. Want to invent the next great thing? Figure out what hurts and make something to take away that pain. Too easy right? I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember that frogs wear open-TOAD shoes! HAHAHAHA


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