Ed-vise Episode 141

A beautiful Monday GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! I have a bandsaw now with a blade as dull as the US tax code. But…I have a bandsaw!

Today’s bit o trivia: Copernicus. Back in 1473, in Poland, Copernicus observed from his new-born crib that the model above his head showed the sun as the center of the universe rather than the earth. But, because he was a newborn, he couldn’t tell anyone. So, several years later, 1536, that he was able to communicate and verbalize his newborn belief of the sun being the center of the universe. Read up on him. These scientists back in those days were really rounded out. Copernicus was also an economist and a financier in addition to being an astronomer and mathematician. Back then the University of Krakow had quite few electives. No art appreciation there.


Monday Musings Ed-vise today. Yup…IT’S MONDAY!!!

So last week I was texting with my cousin and her husband. I love these two. Millenials w/ great kids just doing their part to get through life. Smart, good looking and man, when they fight…THEY FIGHT!

That aside. He is a police officer in a medium size town in Oregon. Went through academy and ride alongs. Been wanting to be a police officer since, well, since he was a baby I suppose.

He worked, in a week, 127 hours. Think about that. 127 hours. I’ll break down the math for you. Seven days in a week at 8 hours a day is 56 hours. Twelve hours a day gives you 84 hours. To come to 127 hours, average, that comes to 18 hours per day. 18.

Now, the time to drive home and get to bed and then to sleep, let’s say takes 1 hour. Wake up and get back to work, takes another hour. That’s being generous. That leaves him with 4 hours of actual sleep time. For 7 days straight.

With the recent police actions going on, I get a clearer picture of the reality. See, lack of restful sleep will cause lapses in judgment among other side effects. Irritability is another.

Here’s the muse: how many other police officers in our nation do this on a regular basis? Irritable, mentally exhausted police personnel with minimal training and weapons. Hmmm. I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember EMTs travel in twos because they want to be Pair-o-medics. Get it? HAHAHAHA


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