Ed-vise Episode 142

An about time they start dealing with tracker apps GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! I hate that pop up about “this app wants to track you” thing. I don’t know them like that!

Today’s bit o trivia: Piper Alpha. No, this is not a medieval king or witch. Nor is it an Asian emperor or Raj. This is actually an oil platform. Well it was. See, back in 1988, Occidental Petroleum was operating the platform in the North Sea (that’s around Norway). Well, as usual, there were a couple of communication errors between shifts along with some paperwork that was filed where it was supposed to be BUT, nobody working knew where that supposed to be was. So, a gas leak developed. A pump to pump out the gas leak as having a safety valve repaired. The paperwork, which was filed away in a separate office said “DO NOT OPERATE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.” Well, without that bit of information they fired up the pump which sparked the gas leak and led to the worst off shore oil disaster. 167 people were killed when that rig went up.


Tech Talk Tuesday Ed-vise today!

Recent research has come out. It will get published in Nature magazine.

Apparently, we humans have a small problem with subtraction…to our detriment.

Let’s start from this notion: we are lazy. NO, NO, NO I’m not saying that as an insult. I’m saying it as a statement about human nature. Our brains and body don’t like to work. Our brains, in particular don’t like to work even more. Lazy, lazy, lazy. Our brains don’t like to work because the process of thinking actually takes a lot of energy which the brain does not want to use because it wants to save it for that fight or flight thing.

So, what does the brain do when posed with a problem? It tries to find the quickest and easiest solution.

That means it will usually deduce that the best coarse of action is to ADD something to a problem to fix it. Hence we end up with the phrase “throw more money at it.”

What our brains don’t want to do is figure out what can be REMOVED from the problem to make it go away. Which brings up the challenge of the book by Gary Kellar, The One Thing. That book has you ask the question “What one thing can I do such that by doing so everything else become easier or unnecessary?” Well, if our brains don’t want to engage with removing things (because it’s lazy), it becomes difficult to apply such a principle.

However, technically speaking, if you actively engage in removing versus adding, you actually make your life easier. So, GET WITH THE PROGRAM BRAIN! I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the smallest soft-drinks can be found in MINI-SODA! HAHAHAHA…oh my


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