Ed-vise Episode 143

A “man was I tired yesterday” GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Missed yesterday as I was too tired to put words down! But, I was able to get round 1 of my COVID shot!

Today’s bit o trivia: Rawlsian Veil. I heard this word on a podcast. John Rawls was a philosopher who died in 2002. Side note: he was court martialed in WW2 for not punishing a fellow soldier as an NCO. Sometimes, the Rawlsian Veil is referred to as the Veil of Ignorance. It goes like this: based on knowledge you have now, which came from your life experience and education, you, and your fellow colleagues are placed behind a veil. On the other side of the veil is a new society. A new ‘Merica. You and your colleagues get to set out the new rules which will govern the society. The challenge is that you do not know what you will be in that society. That is, when the veil is removed, you might be a man or a woman. You might be a slave or a master. You might be a home owner or a renter. You don’t know. You only know that you will have to live by the rules you came up with. Interesting little thought experiment.


Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today. And I already got ya thinkin with that Rawlsian Veil!

I been seeing on news feeds about “Red States” in ‘Merica, passing legislation related to gun-laws. That is, gun laws handed down by the federal government will NOT be enforced by the state. Oklahoma passed it first to the great enjoyment of their citizenship. The Trumplican base going crazy with enjoyment and celebration when the governor signed the bill.

What these laws are saying, in summary, is that no city or county or state agency will spend any state money or use any state resources to enforce these type laws. Basically saying if the feds want to pass these laws, the feds can enforce them. I say GREAT! That is what the Constitution is about. Feds enforcing fed law, states enforcing state law. Love it.

What these laws do is to create “Sanctuary” areas for gun owners. Sanctuaries. Where have we heard that word before? Think, think, think (Winnie the Pooh voice). OHHHHH Yeahhhh! I remember! SANCTUARY CITIES for immigration!

See, these exact same states and Trumplicans are the EXACT same groups that chastise other states that pass legislation that says these states will not enforce FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAWS!

So, Think About It! If you’re not going to enforce federal laws (state legislatures), make sure you include federal immigration law (specifically in the Constitution for Congress to deal with). I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember bad dad jokes are kept in a DADDY-BASE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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