Ed-vise Episode 168

A heart felt GOOD MORNING!! to you all! As the camel in the Geico commercial said: “HUMP DAAAYYY!!!”

What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today. I do love Wednesdays!

I do a table top training for businesses where we go through various workplace violence scenarios. I ask the crowd what they would do given various scenarios. As always with the thinking that where the mind goes the body will follow.

I also point out that there are NO RIGHT ANSWERS. Only answers. Thus, I want everyone reading these to understand my intent is not to criticize people who have been in the scenario. Only to get you thinking about what to do.

Recently, there have been many “Road Rage” incidents. One involving a 6 year old boy who was shot and killed. Why? Road Rage.

There have been several kids shot because of Ragers feeling they need to shoot it out with a driver who cut them off or did whatever to piss them off. It is amazing the amount of rage on the roads along with the amount of people acting on that rage.

So, the scenario: What do you do in the case of a “Road Rager?” That person tail-gating you; driving aggressive; flipping you off. What if your kid is with you?

This is the scenario to put your mind into. It is also the time to KEEP YOUR HEAD! You are in a 2000lb speeding rock. If you engage with the person, a lot of people other than you or the Rager will get hurt. And it’s YOUR FAULT! Keep your head.

Couple of pointers.

  1. Don’t engage. As Bruce Lee said “be like water, my friend.” Water takes everything and keeps moving. It maintains it’s flow and current. Never stopping. Slow when it has to; fast when it can. When they pull up next to you to raise a finger of joy, stay focused and flowing as water. Eyes forward and watch your lane.
  2. Start recording. If you haven’t begun recording from the start of your trip, start recording. Get the make and model of the car and the license plate. Photos and video are best but if you have to write it down do so. This will become vital when or if police get involved.
  3. Do not get out of your car. If you are stopped at a light and the get out of the car, do not get out of your car. Do not, do not, do not! If you feel super threatened (and you know when you will) make a ton of noise by honking your horn or setting off the car alarm. Get people’s attention! The more people witnessing, the less likely the attacker will engage.

Now, if they shoot and you cannot get away you have to ask, “am I ready to use this car as a weapon?” If not, hopefully and most likely, they will have sped away. Get pulled over and call 911.

Last point: learn first aid. Learn it and practice it. I’m just saying.

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember to always knock on the refrigerator door because of the SALAD DRESSING! (windshield wiper laugh).


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