Ed-vise Episode 208

A slept in GOOD MORNING!!! to you all. No Hershey Forward Ambulation this morning. I was smoked from an afternoon jitsu so I need to recoup.

Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today. Cause It’s THURSDAY!!!

So much to think about these days. Especially with the explosion of COVID…again.

As I was driving along thinking (best thoughts come when I’m driving) I began to ponder the line between protected rights.

What do I mean? I will tell you my amazing friend!

We have a “right” to free expression. Basically a mutated idea of “I can do what I want.” A line exists, somewhere, that says otherwise. Usually along the lines of being offensive. Although that line is being blurred.

When it comes to mask mandates and vaccines, schools are running into problems with parents not wanting to mask the kids or whatever. Where is the line of your right of expression and my right of keeping my kid safe?

We both have the benefit of sending our kids to school for education. Free from harassment (hopefully). Polite etc. We both have the right to have our children on school grounds and sitting in the classroom learning. But which right wins out when it comes to disease? Especially one like this. Where is the line between your expression and my protection?

I will tell you because I study shit like this.

The “protection” comes from the person you elect.

See, a long time ago, before governments, humans ran around in tribes. Everyone did what they did for the benefit of the tribe. For the good of the collective. It was just something you did. I’m sure there is a scientific thing on it, but for me, you just did. Even going so far as to voluntarily leave the tribal community if you were sick. No fight, no bitching, you just left until you died or got better.

Then came the idea of freedom to “Do What I Want.” For the good of me! And I will vote a government in place that will protect that right. And it went downhill from there.

We were on a good course with getting vaccinated. We still can be. Read the science on the vaccine, not the press reports. Get the shot and do good for the tribe.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember you will get kicked out of a secret cooking club if you SPILL THE BEANS! Get it? HAHAHAHAA


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