Ed-vise Episode 209

A warm Friday GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Hershey Forward Ambulation was met with a cricket this morning. Threw Hershey off his normal stride cuz he had to react to a bug! Damn dog!

Free For All Friday Ed-vise today. CAUSE IT’S FRIDAY PIZZA NIGHT!!!

The world is on Fire! Literally! COVID mowing down the doubters! Taliban rolling heavy in Afghanistan (eventually everyone will see they are NOT negotiating)! And my little town school board and their newly elected members voted 4 – 3 to ban BLM and Pride flags from school grounds. MAN! What a world!

Remember a few days ago I wrote about the little minions going door to door gathering signatures? Those signature were the thing the board was already talking about. Banning flags.

The excuse given to ban them was along the lines of a political distraction and a social justice movement with no place in the education curriculum. Let that sink in… a political distraction.

Nothing was said about the Flag of the ‘Merican Moron (confederate rag); nothing said about Blue Lives Matter; nothing about KKK or Nazi stuff. None of it. Just two targeted groups: BLM and Pride (that’s the rainbow flag). All because 4 members choose to believe the Trumptards and Limbaughdiots and the rest of the QANON loving conservative talking heads.

I presume it won’t be long before our little Newberg School Board will vote to stop teaching history as history and relegate it to names and dates. That way they can deny the story that is ‘Merica.

So, here’s what has to happen. First, a student (or teacher) needs to go on school grounds with the BLM/ Pride banner and get some sort of punishment from the school. Then, the lawyers will step in and guess what: THE STUPID VOTE OF THE BOARD WILL COST THE DISTRICT A SHIT TON OF MONEY!!! You MORONS!

Whenever districts or entities do stupid shit like this it ends up hurting the district financially because they end up paying out huge amounts in legal fees. EVEN IF THEY WIN ON THE STANCE! I am willing to bet this will result in over $100,000 in legal fees JUST ON THE DEFENSE OF THIS VOTE. JUST IN LEGAL RETAINER. Thanks Newberg School Board. The district is already strapped for cash. I say YOU should have to pay for the lawyers!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember “BEEFSTEW” is a terrible password because it’s not “STROGANOFF.” HAHAHAHAHAHA…tear.


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