Ed-vise Episode 221

A critter infested Forward Ambulation GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, plenty of critters out this morning. Cats, possums, and even a raccoon. Kept Hershey alert though. So much for a peaceful walk!

What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today. Cause I do love Wednesday!

Scenarios to think about are happening everywhere and happen all the time. That’s what makes Wednesday’s Ed-vise so easy to write.

Here’s the scenario: Your significant Other comes down with COVID and is hospitalized. Vaccinated or not – it doesn’t matter. But, for sake of argument we will say they are unvaccinated.

Your “Other” lays in a bed, ventilated. They were fully able to take the vaccine. No religious reason not to; no medical reason not to.

While they lay in the bed, you can hear the monitor beeping, the ventilator humming as it breathes for your “Other.” You scroll through your social media feeds (cause that’s what we do). Maybe even say a small prayer while you wait to learn anything. OH, WAIT! My bad. You won’t be anywhere near them. You will see the movement of caretakers and doctors in full suits of protection. They will go in and out of the room and ignore you while they deal with your “Other.”

A commotion starts. The medical staff starts to scramble to the emergency room. Why? A traffic accident and severely injured people are coming in for treatment. One of the victims needs immediate emergency surgery. Problem is: THERE ARE NO BEDS FOR THAT PERSON! The hospital is full with non-vaccinated COVID victims taking up all the beds…AND YOUR “OTHER” IS ONE OF THEM.

What Would You Do?

Your “OTHER” is taking up a bed because they chose to not take care of themselves. Because they CHOSE to ignore the welfare of anyone else.

Would you tell the medical staff to remove your “OTHER” from the ventilators and give up the bed? Person’s dying in the ER because they can’t get a bed. What Will You Do?

See, I could careless if you get vaccinated. I would prefer you not be a hypocrite about it. If you don’t want the vaccine, fine. Don’t take any of them.

What I do care about is when the hospital is full and nobody else can get treated because your selfish ass is taking up a needed bed. Have the decency to get your non-vaccinated self out of the bed and out of the hospital so that someone that needs it and did the right thing, can use it.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember a herd of sheep rolling down the hill is a LAMBSLIDE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…groan


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