Ed-vise Episode 223

A cat filled Hershey Forward Ambulation GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, too many damn cats wondering around the hood. People: KEEP YOUR CATS INSIDE!

Free For All Friday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s FRIDAY PIZZA NIGHT!!!

With all the stress topics going on about abortion, and vaccines, and Afghanistan, and how I treat Hershey, I figured I’d talk about the upcoming holiday that is Labor Day.

Funny that we have a holiday that celebrates labor. That is, celebrates work.

Rarely does it get spoke about in churches (at least that I can remember) but the bible teaches that God works. God put Adam in the Garden of Eden, not to idle away the days but to actually work. God also gave this to us so we could, well, have something to do during our short time on this earth.

God did not want us work all the time. In fact, it was mandated to take a day off. If you needed something to do on that day off you could spend the time worshiping and meditating on the word. Maybe even Deeply Observe what you had been working on. A time of reflection which darn near every productivity researcher says you need to do. Basically, stand back and make sure the stitches are in place correctly, and things are progressing.

Well, back in the late 1800s, many “Rich Christians” were engaged in modern day slavery here in ‘Merica and worked people damn near to death (many not damn near but actually). So, workers united and unionized. Fought it out…Literally with companies to force them to do the Christian thing and get that day off. Then, they managed to get a National Day of Rest: Labor Day. Grover Cleveland signed the bill in 1894 but it was the Great State of OREGON that made it an official state holiday in 1887. GO BEAVERS!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember you can on “RAN” through a campground because it’s PAST TENTS!!! Get it? HAHAHAHAHAHA!


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