Ed-vise Episode 237

A morning Yoga GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, bit of yoga this morning as I was feeling pretty tight and sore from last night’s no-gi workout. Plus I wanted to sleep in!

Free For All Friday Ed-vise today. CAUSE IT’S FRIDAY PIZZA NIGHT! and open mat!

So, last night came updates from my cousin in Denying Douglas County. Another cousin (I’ll call him Mullet Boy) is in town. He was asked if he was vaccinated. Proudly he claimed “Hell No! I ain’t getting no poke from something that I don’t know what’s in it!” He later proudly professed that it had been over a month since he last smoked meth.

I love my family. Even when they make claims like that.

Here’s the question for you all: do you celebrate when somebody that denies the vaccine (like Mullet Boy) catches COVID and ends up in the ER?

Several deniers have ended up in the ER and several have died from the virus. I saw on Tik Tok a video where the song by Queen Another One Bites the Dust was playing while they scrolled through the hard core deniers that were infected and died.

I’ll confess, my insides jump a little, for joy whenever someone like that ends up in the hospital and later dies. When I saw that Tik Tok, well, it made me think a little that maybe, just maybe, that celebration might not be right.

This pandemic is dividing families. Long time friends are being alienated. I have a friend whose sister will not allow family members who are unvaccinated to see their children. Grandparents not being allowed to see their grandchildren; brothers and sisters not talking to each other due to vaccination status. And celebrations when a person dies that had a bias different than your own. Not good.

I will not shut you out of my life if you are not vaccinated. I might get pissed that you ended up infected. I will help you if you do. I do get angry when I see hospitals packed with non-vaccinated who know better (or at least have the info). Further, I will tell my family and friends that deny the vaccine they should not go to the hospital if they get sick. They must live with their decisions entirely. However, if they need my help, I will help them. If they need a hug, I will give. I will do what I can for them. Not because of their decision to deny the vaccine and virus, but because, I think, THAT’S WHAT JESUS WOULD DO!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember it takes TEN – TICKLES to make a squid laugh! Get it? TEN TICKLES…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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