Ed-vise Episode 279

A thinking about a podcast GOOD MORNING!!! to you all. Yup, ol Ed has too much time on his hands and is contemplating the spoken word over the airwaves. Hmmm…not today but…

What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s WEDNESDAY! And I do love WEDNESDAY!

Want to write to the people that make up the customer service folks that are on the receiving end of bullshit attitude customers.

You know the customer type. The ones that feel like they are entitled to being treated as royalty and don’t have to listen or respect anyone. The ones who have NEVER had the shit kicked out of them…yet. The ones who want the world to know they won’t take anything from a kid who probably makes minimum wage and is learning through their first job.

Recent videos show customers returning whatever to the store of purchase and literally throwing their wrong made order at the person trying to help them. One woman in Texas (God bless Texas) threw a hot container of spicy soup at the young woman trying to help her. An angry customer showing off What Would Jesus Do philosophy.

Now, understand, there are a couple of things that I see the customer service person could have done to avoid being on the receiving end of “Christian Charity.” (that’s sarcasm).

First, recognize the situation. You have a barrier between you and the angry person (the counter). That means it will be difficult for that person to physically touch you. However, because of the barrier, the person now has a “weapon” in hand i.e., a hot container of soup. Add to that, the person is pissed.

Listen to those little hairs on your neck. If they are standing up, they recognize the angry person is dangerous and to watch out.

When the person approaches, look at them. Directly at them. When you talk to them, mind your tone. I say that as a parent trying to communicate across generations. But, hear me out. Many times, when people talk to each other a person very well might not be aware of the condescending tone in their voice. Further, if you, as the customer service person, are coming to the situation after hearing a joke, you have laughter in your heart. And that’s great. But, you are coming to a “fight” with a light heart. The other person, they will see this as you not caring about their problem.

Second, if you offer to replace whatever, and they keep on complaining, GET YOUR MANAGER! You, as the employee, are getting nowhere other than pissing someone off who is already pissed off. It is the manager’s responsibility to deal with this. NOT YOURS! Plus, a second person needs to intervene to break the spell of violence that is being weaved. The angry customer is believing they are NOT being heard. That is pissing them off more. You have to back off and let another person step in to attempt to calm the situation.

Start backing away with your hands at a low ready. Just below the chest. Open palms. As you remove yourself, say something like “Let me get my manager” or “I will get someone who can help you.” You, as the employee, have to disengage from this or you will end up wearing that customers anger. Apologize once. Offer to fix. If that fix does not satisfy, disengage and seek higher help.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember when a turkey surfs the internet, they GOBBLE GOBBLE it! Get it? Instead of Google? HAHAHAHA. Still funny from my coworker MicMur!


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