Ed-vise Episode 281

A post Turkey Day GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, some good turkey and fixings along with family hear in Seaside. Follow that with a sweet storm last night and made for some restful sleep.

Free for all Friday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s FRIDAY! No on the open mat; not sure on the pizza night.

OK, NOW we can start the Christmas Season stuff.

For me, the season starts off with watching It’s a Wonderful Life. Been doing it for years. Could probably quote the movie by now.

When I lived in So. Cal, we would watch it (I would listen to it) on the drive back from my aunt and uncle’s place after Thanksgiving dinner.

Is it a good movie? Not really. In fact, when it was released in theaters back in 1946, it was a flop. But, years later, it is something of a cult type movie.

I like it because I like Jimmy Stewart. I like the nostalgia of the era that the movie was set in. I like looking at the background scenes to realize that the movie was shot in California (Bailey Park scene) despite Bedford Falls being located in the North East. Whatever. I just like it.

In laws…they don’t get it. That’s fine. I do. And, I think it could improve with some alternate endings.

Saturday Night Live did one where they go back to the office of the villain, Mr. Potter, and beat him down for stealing the money. I have a different one.

Mine shows George Bailey running into his kids and hugging them while the police and bank examiner are standing by. Bailey tells the kids to go to their rooms as ”daddy has some business to take care of.”

He grabs his AR and opens up on the cops. Then, his wife, Mary, comes in also armed. But dressed in post-apocalypse attire, and ready to throw down. She apologizes for missing the action. The two run up and get the kids packed for life off the grid. As they head back down the stairs, the cops and bank examiner stir, and start rising from the dead. You guessed it…ZOMBIES!

OH HELL YEAH!!! It’s a Wonderful…NIGHTMARE! DAMN! I should go into screen writing.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember there are more airplanes in the oceans than submarines in the sky…pretty PLANE TO SEA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Get it!?!


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